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Cornrow Hairstyles with Twists

It is almost summer and with the heat we have to get that hair off of our backs and off our shoulders. A great way to do this is with cornrow hairstyles with twists. These not only help you keep cool during the day, but are great protective hairstyles to keep...

Poetic Justice Braids styles are back. Well, it's not like they have really left the scene. But there are a lot of things people do not know about this kind of African hair braiding style. Let us share with you everything you will ever have to know about rocking this low-maintenance hairstyle, which is at the same time a super cool style for any season.

A Brief History of Poetic Justice Braids

Box Braids, is what Poetic Justice Braids used to be called before, until the collaboration of Michael Jackson's little sister Janet Jackson and the late Tupac Shakur. Poetic Justice, before it became the name of Box Braids, was a 1993 drama and romance film that starred Janet Jackson together with Tupac Shakur, Joe Torry and Regina King produced by John Singleton. He decided to name the main character (Janet) Justice, who as a talented singer made her acting debut. Justice (the female character) fell in love with Lucky (Tupac Shakur) during a long trip in a postal mail delivery truck. The movie grossed a total of $27 million. All throughout the movie, Justice wore long box braids. Since the movie, people been calling box braids 'Poetic Justice Braids' after the movie. The movie received Golden Globe and Academy Awards.

While we cannot precisely call African hair braiding a trend (since traces of women rocking this hair style goes all the way to the ancient times of Egypt), it is undeniably having its moment, all thanks to the reincarnation Janet Jackson. Today, Poetic Justice Braids continues to prevail and remain mainstream with African American celebritries like the Knowles Sisters, we all come toknow as Beyonce and Solange. Poetic Justice Braids can be found on the heads of black women all over the United States, Caribbean and Africa.

Traditional vs Modern Poetic Justice Braids

This mainly refers to the rope-thick, super-long style of the Poetic Justice braids along with the twists we are all seeing in the fashion world of today as a throwback from the '90's -- when Janet Jackson made the signature look. These days, not much really has changed: The women who wear this African braiding style still do almost exactly the same way the movie star/R&B queen done it. You may see women with the braids piled way high atop their heads, wrapped up with a 90's vibe bandanna, or simply wearing the braids down to their backs together with a lustrous middle part. A big difference in traditional and modern Poetic Justice Braids, however, is the absence of what they used to call "baby hair" or those down slicked edges on the front.

While we had Janet Jackson for the 90's version, the archetype of the Poetic Justice Braids, we have Solange and Beyonce Knowles as the modern representative of the Poetic Justice Braids. Solange has alternated from rocking down her lively Afro loose, locking it down a length that drops to her butt. Beyonce then followed her younger sibling as a summer trend, swapping up her differently weaved braids dashed with her signature blonde highlights. What makes this new school Poetic Justice Braids version unique is that it can be embedded with different decorative items such as beads, shells, wire braided bits as suggested by the various fashion and hair stylists of today.

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