braids for long hair for black women 2015

Top 10 Braids For Long Hair Black Women in 2017

braids for long hair for black women 2015

Braids for long hair in 2015! Just when you think you have seen it all ladies, the different styles and creativity for braids for long hair, you ain’t seen nothing yet!  These drop dead gorgeous styles for braids, will have you wonder how did they do that?! I feel like sometimes we get stuck in doing the same braids styles as so many other women that we lose our originality.  Well i’m here to tell you, you thought you seen it all but you haven’t seen nothing yet! Below are the best 10 braids for long hair black women we’ve come up with for the new 2015 year!

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Top 10 Braids for Long Hair Black Women 2015


So you know I had to show some diverse styles, to show on both ends how different styles can be created from different cultures.  Stepping outside of the box, I’ve never seen such an intricate design for a braiding design.  Had to try!  So starting from the top all hair is pulled back into a neat ponytail.  Taking some hair from the ponytail it is then wrapped around the rubber band to hide it.  Then a medium size braid is weaved into the hair giving it a spiral effect, so some of the hair is loose and then you see braid been spiraled around all the way to the bottom.  Such a beautiful braids for long hair style.  If your thinking of a nice outing on the town, or even for an event or wedding, you are sure to turn heads.

spiral lace braided fishtail hairstyles

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When it comes to the long tresses adding color is always a way to make the whole style pop.  The front bun is just swooped one time instead of multiple and the rest of the long braids are left down to show the two toned placements of the braids for long hair.  Fun summer look for sure!

two-toned front bun braids


Who would have thought!  That braids for long hair can go beyond just the basic braid which is just creating the overlap pattern twice, this takes it to the next level by overlapping three times, just gorgeous.  Even the color helps the overall style pop, showing the small details in the long braid, to have many on lookers admiring the trendy style.

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three platted auburn braids


We all can admire the variety of hairstyles that celebrities have, and Miss Kerry Washington always has a a fly hairstyle.  With this one she kept it simple and classy.  A swoop bang, and a medium size crown that is shaped and given a circular look with a two on toned thick braid.  She was definitely red carpet ready, and staying fierce always.

braid shaped crown

lace-braid flipped ponytail


Oh my, oh my what can I start off saying with this one. Literally having to do a double take with creative braids style for long hair.  The hair is beautifully designed, starting from the crown of the head where 3 small roses are being created as well, you’d swear they were flesh colored barrettes, but nope its all hair, just amazing.

rose shaped french braids


When I tell you the variety of hairstyles for braids for long hair, the shapes of them and even the illusions the braids can give, this one giving a hatched, weave-in, weave out pattern. Then the rest of the long tresses left down like waterfalls.  A great look for casual and dressy, a very subtle look, but with a little design to admire when you see it.

two-layered hatch braids


Ok so I never even thought of displacing color like this on braids for long hair, but when I tell you how unique, how fun this style looks to have one side be dominant over the other, its a sure way to make a fashion statement, but instead of clothes, known for your fabulous hair honey! The blonde on one side and the black on the other, kind of like a salt and pepper look.

salt and pepper twists hairstyles


The style with the side french braids have just taken it a notch up from making it a two french braid to a trio french braid.  Amazing way to bring a new type of flare to the traditional french braid.  You want to have something simple yet elegant this is the style right here to have people ask, how did you do that?

side french braids black women

side hatched french braids long hair


This beautiful criss-crossed braiding pattern doesn’t get anymore unique then this. The whole design is definitely designed and styled for an extravagant evening out on the town.  The style has so many elements and dimensions to it to have you admire the style as a while.  I will note though that will how the braids are layered through the hair, you would definitely have to tie it up at night so it doesn’t get tangled the next morning.

laced criss crossed french braids


This has to be one of my favorite ones, taking the traditional style of pigtails and adding just one new element to the style and you have the new improved pigtails!!  The hair intertwined between the pigtails give to look a a corset type pattern through the hair.  The braids for long hair look make me literally want to try the corset and pigtail look on my own hair.  Such a fun sporty look with a little bit of added flyness and every body will want ti rock pigtails just like you.

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corset pigtail french braids

Other Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair African-American / Black Women

Well my braid divas I hope this has helped you narrow down your search for your next head turn braid hairstyle.  Who said braids had to just be worn down, or in a simple bun?  You now have great ideas and styles to take your long hair to the next level with our best 10 braids for long hair black women. Try one or two and let know us know it turns out!