Beyonce Poetic Justice Braids – Rocks It Better Than Janet Jackson!

beyonce poetic justice braids vs janet jackson

Beyonce Poetic Justice Braids – Trending In the Entertainment Industry

After Janet Jackson hypnotized Hollywood with her poetic justice braids, another top entertainer followed suit and did the hairstyle much justice. In 2012, Kendrick Lamar released his hit single “Poetic Justice” which furthered the poetic justice braids trend worldwide and showcased poetic justice braids in the music video. This song was so popular that in 2013, Janet turned back into Justice again. Most recently, in 2014 Hollywood and hairstylists all went crazy when they saw Beyonce poetic justice braids. There was just something about those long, thick, neat braids that turned heads and made her look sexier than Janet Jackson’s original do.


Beyonce chose the perfect time to rock poetic justice braids, the day of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding. Beyonce poetic justice braids looked so stunning that she rocked them non-stop leading up to her current highly anticipated “On The Run” Tour. Beyonce Poetic Justice Braids showed the world that you can make a fashion statement wearing thick, luscious braids without looking ghetto.

Poetic Justice braids can be worn down, in a bun, in an updo, in a ponytail, and much more… the whole point is to have fun with them while expressing yourself! No one has received so much attention in poetic justice braids since Janet was Justice, except Beyonce… only a Queen could! Poetic Justice braids are now a top trending hairstyle in the entertainment industry thanks to Beyonce bringing the style back. Are you interested in getting Beyonce poetic justice braids or want to know more? Get more insight after the jump!

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