how to do french braided high puff styles

BRAID OF THE WEEK: Unique French Braided High Puff w/ How-to Video, Products

how to do french braided high puff styles

French braided high puff! In a abundant, voluminous Afro style and let it be wild and free. Or even after a few days of the Afro look, you can then transition it into a high Afro puff style.  They say you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel if it’s already looking fly, but what’s wrong with trying to make it look even more fly. By adding just a little more flare to it, a french braid in the front will set this already cute style into a even cuter style.

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Perfect for any occasion and then even going to the job, you’ll have several Co workers in awe of your new and improved doe.  So very quick and simple to do the, the French braided high puff. You’ll just need a few products to get you on your way.  You’ll need a leave in conditioner, moisturizer, gel, oil and two different type of combs. I’ll give you a few specific brands that can help you if you aren’t sure of what you want to use.

Unique French Braided High Puff How-to Do Tutorial

Video Credit: Quiesha Jay

Step 1: First apply the Leave in Conditioner to cleanly washed hair (mixed chick’s is a very recommended brand)

Step 2: Then apply Cantu Coconut curly cream, afterwards apply a small amount of Eco styler gel to the edges and the beginning of where you will start your french braid.

Step 3: Then after finishing your french braid, you then will use the Cantu Coconut curly cream and Shea moisture gel souffle around the whole head to start twisting up your hair to create the defined curls.

Step 4: Let the hair dry over night,  apply a silk scarf to keep everything intact while you sleep.

Step 5: Next after hair has dried apply some jojoba oil to the twisted plaits before you undo.

Step 6: After you have applied oil begin to separate the plaits, after all plaits are removed, you then can use an Afro pic to fluff up and separate the curls.

Step 7: You then can use a rat tail comb to smooth out the edges, along with a toothbrush to get the side of your hair and the back.

Step 8: You then will want to use a hair tie to wrap around the hair to close it into a high puff on your head.  Use a few bobby pins to secure the back and front so the hair will not unravel.

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french braided high puff new-hair style

Now you have your own new and improved French braided high puff that will separate you from the rest!  Very important to remember that if you want the style to last for a least a few days, make sure when you sleep at night you use a satin scarf or bonnet so that it wont get all matted up at night.  I find using the pineapple method will help secure your hair and its curls the best.  Until next time my hair fanatics be well and take care of those tresses.