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DIY Coconut Oil Hair Treatment – How to Use for Hair Growth

Coconut oil hair treatment! I often get the question ‘does coconut oil really help hair growth faster and healthier?’ and my answer is always been ‘yes’ and will always be that. I grew up in the Caribbean where coconut is used on everything. Coconut is not only good for hair growth, it’s also good for clearing skin. So with that being said doing a coconut oil hair treatment  weekly will give you lustrous, thick and long glowing tresses you always wanted.

how to use coconut oil as hair treatment

The one thing I found out over years of using coconut oil as hair treatment is coconut oil beats all the other millions of oils that they tell us is good for our hair hands down…and it’s way cheaper too. While other oils like mineral or sunflower oil sit on the top of your hair and create build ups, coconut oil doesn’t. In doing a coconut oil hair treatment it will go in and bind to your hair protein. So your hair will really retains natural moisture and the coconut oil will reinforces it’s fibers, meaning your hair will become stronger, and prevent major damage and breakage.

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Some other great benefits of a coconut oil hair treatment are; it helps with dandruff, keeps hair from going grey, treating head lice, and etc. So if I haven’t sparked your interest yet on using coconut oil as hair treatment, I have pictures to prove that the method and product really works; especially for black women hair. Below are some easy steps to follow that will make the magic happen.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment – Step-by-Step Application Tutorials

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NOTE: You need:  Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil OR Nutiva Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Click links to purchase)

Step #1: Melt 3 tablespoons of coconut oil in a pan

Step #2: Brush your hair and make sure you have it detangles as much as possible

Step #3: Divide hair into sections. Leave a small portion of the bottom half of your hair down and clip or tie up the remainder.

Step #4: Use fingers to scoop up the coconut oil and work it into the section of hair that is not tied up. Using as pastry brush is optional, just to take the process a little less messier.

Step #5: Evenly saturate the hair, massage the oil into your scalp for one minute. Then make sure hair is detangles still and then tie it up.

Step #6: Then wrap saran wrap around your head to lock in the coconut oil. You could even wear a hat on your head to create a little heat.

Step #7: Leave the oil in for an hour or two if your crunched for time. But the best way to really get the hair marinated is to leave it in over night.

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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment Before and After Pictures

coconut oil hair treatment before after pictures

So after following these easy coconut oil hair treatment steps you should see a tremendous different within 3 to 4 weeks, doing it once per week. If followed carefully and timely, the coconut oil hair treatment will start to strengthen your hair, bring back the thickness and sheen to it. From reviews on the best way to get the best results, is if you can leave the oil in overnight and let it really saturate for hours, you will get ample results then just leaving in for 2 to 3 hours.

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