do braids damage your hair

Do Braids Damage Your Hair? Question Answered with Do’s, Don’ts, Tips and Tricks

do braids damage your hair

Do braids damage your hair? Its always been that fine line between choosing a hairstyle that will protect your hair, but also it not working against protecting your hair if you don’t follow protocol.  With that being said, do braids damage your hair?  This answer is possibly if you do not take care of them like you should.  So many women, even myself, have gotten caught up in life, so busy sometimes we forget how long we end up leaving our braids in.  Sometimes 3 or 4 months!  While we think it is normal, it actually isn’t ladies.  We get excited, like, Oh girl look how long my hair has grown when we see the braid 3 inches from our scalp just dangling down.  While that is great to see the growth, how much hair will still be on your head after you comb out your hair from the braids.  Remember you will experience shedding and loss of some hair when you undo your braids.  So let me hip you onto the dos and donts of the braid world.

As a hair braiding specialist and stylist one of the questions I often get from clients and people that finds out I do braids is…do braids damage your hair? Well, today I decided to answer the question whether braids damage natural hair with tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts for ladies wearing braids or thinking about getting braids.

Do Braids Damage Your Hair?

The answer to ‘do braids damage your hair’? cannot be a simply yes or no. It goes deeper than that. Braids can damage your natural hair. The keyword here is ‘can.’ That means it’s all depend on how long you keep your braids in and how well you take care of your natural hair under the braids and the braids themselves. So do braids damage your hair? Again, it all comes to how long you keep those braids on; types of hair use for the braiding; and most importantly, how well you take care of those braids!

Hair Braids Dos

1. To keep your hair and braids looking fresh, make sure at least once a week, you use a water base spritzer to moisturize your roots and the braid hair.

2. Make sure your hair is completely clean of build-up before getting your hair braided.

3. Keep your braids style in for no more the 4 to 6 weeks at a time.

4. Having a medium to thick braids style will help your natural hair breath and still get the proper growth from the roots.

Hair Braids Donts

1. Do not exceed over 3 months of keeping your braids style in ladies.  Normally after 6 weeks your hair will experience build up and matting.  If that happens you will have major breakage from the scalp which is a type of alopecia, where the hair is completely detached from the scalp, and you will experience balding in some areas of your head. We don’t want that!

2. Do not braid your hair if your hair has not properly been washed beforehand.  Sometimes some women think oh let me put this moisturizer, this cream on my hair before I get braids.  Sometimes the less the better on the hair ladies.  Because too much buildup on the hair will cause the over processed experience.  Because think about putting product before you braid your hair, your going to spray and moisturize your hair often after getting braids.  If your hair gets too much build-up, your hair will not be able to breath and becomes clogged.  Man you’ll start questions do braids damage your hair or have you been taking care of your hair properly?

3. Do not get micro braids all the time, wearing the style back to back.  While they look so beautiful ladies, the amount of tightness and pressure it can put on your hair and scalp ladies, can get very intensive.  I know all of us have experienced several micro braids falling out, and when you look on the end of the braid, you see “your hair” attached along with it. So, Do braids damage your hair?  They can when you get the micro braids style too often.

In conclusions ladies, I get it sometimes life gets in the way, we get so busy that maybe our braids stay in too long we over process it, or don’t give it enough moisture, which then can cause the hair to become brittle and dry.  If you don’t want to experience too much frizz all the time when washing your hair and braids, you can always  find some easy alternatives.

Hair Braids Tips / Tricks

braids care, tips, tricks infographic

1. Using a dry shampoo which doesn’t require any water.  Can be a quick and effective way to cleanse and moisturize the hair like it should be.

2. Using a light oil like jojoba oil or sesame oil can lubricate your hair properly without over processing the hair and being too heavy or greasy on the hair.

3. If you end up keeping the braids in longer then planned.  After you take them out, let your hair rest and breath for about a week or so.  With doing a deep condition and restoration on your hair.  Try and just keep the hair in a loose style so you aren’t putting too much tug on your scalp since its been tugged on for several months with the braids.  So now if someone asks, do braids damage your hair, you can say no they wont if you take proper steps in keeping your hair healthy and not over extending the time on keeping the lovely braids in.

You will thank me later divas.  Sometimes we don’t want to hear the ugly truth but let the truth set your hair free and grow! I hope you fine our tips, tricks, dos and donts on ‘do braids damage your hair?’ helpful and pass it around to your friends and family members wearing or plan on wearing braids. Also, share with your social media friends.

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