unique fish tail braid hairstyles how-to video tutorials

My Top 7 Fishtail Braid Hairstyles w/ How to do Video Tutorials, Tips and MORE…

unique fishtail braid hairstyles how-to video tutorials

Fishtail Braid Styles: Have you ever just wanted a cute and simplistic braiding style, but wanted to separate your braid style from the traditional braiding styles.  Well, I found the perfect one for you ladies, and you can’t go wrong with the fishtail braid.  Fishtail braids are creative patterns to design throughout your hair, and will give you just the edge your looking for.  It’s highly important to make sure you know what types of products to use on each look because you want it to last for as long as possible. The 7 videos below have step-by-step tutorials showing you how to do fishtail braids with different styles!

7 Fishtail Braid Hairstyles – How to Do Video Tutorials!


Video by: shlinda1

When first looking at this woman’s hair I really did not believe she could achieve the fishtail braid look with how thin her hair was.  All she used was a moisturizing spritz, and some argon oil on to achieve this beautiful fishtail braid.  Regular African braiding hair was uses for the extension of hair.  What I like the most about this style is that she blended her hair very well with the braiding hair, because the textures of her hair are completely different.

I was impressed she really knew how to do a fishtail braid style that was blended very well throughout the whole head.   Fully moisturizing the hair will have the hair smooth and lay nicely with the synthetic hair. With this beautiful braided style, its very easy to achieve and can be rocked at a fancy event or party. The video below comes with step-by-step instructions on how to do and rock this fishtail braid style!


Video by: ImaCrazyRobot

What I love most about this particular fishtail braid method is that the woman didn’t have to straighten her hair just to have it blend with the synthetic hair.  A lot of times I feel like a lot of natural hair women feel like they cant achieve the fishtail braid look because their hair might be too thick or curly to achieve a smooth braided look.  That;s where making sure you keep your hair fully moisturized and a little on the damp side while trying to intertwine your hair with the synthetic hair will help blend it better.  When trying to match color it’s important to try and go with a two toned color of synthetic hair if you hair is highlighted.


Video by: Amid Beauty

This French fishtail braiding style is so universal as to the placement of how you want to rock it.  So instead of just doing a side pony tail or high updo with the fishtail braid style you can actually rock it french braid style.  So take your french braid style to a new level and use the fish tail method.  If you really want to know how to do a fishtail braid correctly make sure your hair is damp for this so that the hair doesnt get tangled while pulling small sections of hair at a time.   Since this particular fish tail style is more of a polished neater look, using a brush to slick it back will help keep it more in tact.


Video by: Stephanie Pierre

You ladies know how I love love the Mohawk style and there is so many fun hair designs that you can rock with it in this style .  So Mohawk meets fishtail braid and they are combined. This style is even created and blended well with hair extensions.  So must important part of the style is to make sure that edges of the hair are blended well so tracks do not show.  This particular fish tail braid style has so many elements and dimensions to it which will have you admire it from every angle.  Most fish tail braid styles are braided all the way down, but this particular one is only braided half way and the rest of the extension hair is left out to give it different pattern throughout the whole pony tail.  A fun one to rock out to the night life!


Video by: Monae Artistry’s Hair and Makeup Blog

This gorgeous style takes the Mohawk and fishtail braid look combined to a even newer level, by reversing the direction of the fish tail.  So instead of being braided down its being braided upward.  So when the whole braid is done, its swooped and pinned back in front of the face to give it bang type look in the front.  From the sides the fish tail braid gives fullness to the hair up top along with the beautiful pattern that pops throughout the whole style.  I was really amazed that the girl never did a fishtail braid, but knew how to do a fish tail braid so well the first time.  So that lets me know that fish tail braid can be achieved by anyone, that’s how easy it is to do!  Whats even more exciting about this style is that whenever you want to remove that fish tail braid it leaves a curly pattern when taken out.  So you have several weeks of rocking the style in a fishtail braid and afterwards rocking it wavy.  Winning!


Video by: Festival Hair

The fun part about this quick fishtail braid out is that its works well for you curly haired ladies, so you don’t have to worry about it having to blend well with straight hair,  or you having to straighten your hair. With the particular way this woman has decided to style her braid is by swooping it to one side.  This style is the ultimate fun style where you don’t have to worry about the fishtail braid being too perfect, it literally can be loose up top with a little bit of the curls hanging out on the top.

You just want to make sure that when starting this particular braid your just twisting the top part of your part rather then having to start the braid up top.  So if you are inexperienced in knowing how to do a fish tail braid, you won’t have to start a braid from the scalp, so it wont be hard for you to accomplish at all.  The best product for you to use with curly hair would be some mousse to help harden the braid a little so you can rock it for a few days and it not unravel.


Video by: Brigitte Anama

This multiple fishtail braid style is incredibly sexy, and highly creative.  This hairstyle takes the cornrowed pigtail style to a whole other level of cuteness.  So instead of having the traditional pigtails with a bang, the fishtail design is created throughout the cornrowed pigtails.  Its a super cute style for the kiddies if they want something a little different for the first day of school, or something for picture day.   The hair is a little damp when being braided, so it can stay intact while its being created.   Super cute and convenient style for your baby, and they will at least be able to rock the style for a week or so, so it can give you a little break!

It just keeps getting better and better on how all the fun braided styles you can rock ladies.  And also stepping outside of the box on what type of styles you can rock for different occasions.  I’ll be the first to say I never thought I had the face to rock certain braided styles because the length of my hair, I wanted it to be a thicker look.  But now thanks to knowing how to do a fishtail braid, I’ve been able to achieve the thick look with by adding braiding hair.  What’s even better is I don’t have to spend several hours sewing it In, I can  just twist it in!  Very highly recommended style to try and feel brand new!