6 strand mermaid braided plaits

6 Fabulous Hair Plaits for Short, Long, Natural Divas With Video Tutorials, Pictures

6 Gorgeous Hair Plaits Styles! No matter the length of your hair you can still enjoy many hair plaits options on your hair if you want to.  Don’t let the state of your hair or length make you feel like you’re limited! With a plaited hairstyle, you can have your hair looking fabulous regardless the length, thickness or health. In fact, Hair plaits are knowing for increasing natural hair length and help natural hair grow healthier and longer in a shorter period of time!  Below are some great hair plaits options for you and I bet you will like to try all five!

5 Hair Plaits for Short, Long, Natural, Shoulder Length Divas

#1: Plaits on Short Hair: Jumbo Single Plait With Extensions

jumbo single hair plaits extensions tutorial

There is never ‘my hair too short to get hair plaits put in‘.  The type of hair used to keep the extensions in is called  yarn hair.  When I first saw this girls hair, it literally looked like she had shaved her head. I was thinking there is no way she could get hair plaits with extensions put in her hair without them falling right back out.  But she proved me totally wrong, after a few of the yarn hair was installed.  So the magic yarn hair called Jumbo Single Plait is a must try for all you short haired divas who just made the big chop.  Definitely looks like a much more polished hair with minimum frizz in the hair when braiding.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial:

Video Credit: Ali Philly

#2: Plaits on Long Hair: 6 Strand Mermaid Braid 

6 strand mermaid braided plaits

I love this cute plaits style it gets me excited on all the fun and quick styles, it can do on my natural hair.  What I love even more about this hair plaits style is that, if you are not gifted in the french braiding department you can still achieve the look without having to plait your hair all the way to the scalp.  You simply just use a few bobby pins to secure the plait down to the scalp.  To achieve the 6 strand braided look, just use a couple of bobby pins to connect the two braids together.  Simple as pie, so if you want to get away from just a plain low bun, and add some flare to the front of your hairy try this cute little style.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial:

Video Credit: Chime Edwards

#3: Plait Out On Natural Hair

natural hair plaits out

I have never done a plait out hairstyle like the one on the video tutorial below until now.  I’ve watched some on YouTube before, but most hair plaits tutorials are either too small and the hair looks like you took a crinkle iron to it or just not really defined enough.  On the tutorial below, I used a moisturizer, but also an interesting concoction called Flaxseed Gel (You can Purchase it HERE).  Because of this gel my hair is full of volume and provides it a mixture of wave and curl intertwined.  The best part is I did only 7 hair plaits on my whole head to get the definition and volume!!!

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial:

Video Credit: theMANEtopic

#4: Hair Plaits: Crown Braids

helo braids crown own hair tutorials


Step-by-Step Video Tutorial:

Video Credit: FashionIsARemix

#5: Medium Hair Plaits: Double Sided Goddess

double sided goddess braids short medium hair

Double sided goddess braids is another very cute protective hairstyle, especially through winter or spring for that matter.  We sometimes just want to have our hair out from face but still have an attractive element to the hair.  With this particular halo braid, which is similar to a goddess braid, the two hair plaits are intertwined together at the top of the crown to give it a double braided effect at the top.  So just a little bit of difference on what this woman decided to do.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial:

Video Credit: shlinda1

#6: Three Easy Plaits for Shoulder Length Hair

plaits for shoulder length hair

It’s very hard sometimes to do some hair plaits because of the length of our hair.  Its not too short but not long enough, so in achieving this style you can get some instant extensions in, just a clip away.  Its like doing the bun and goddess braid in one.  The only exception is that the hair is not gelled on the sides at all. The hair is plaited on the ends of the hair and shapes the whole head with a chunky plaited braid.  I like how simple and quick it is to add a little length to your hair with very little effort, without glue or sewing in.  The inventions of quick weave are taking over, and its never been so much better and healthier for your hair!

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial:

Video Credit: xoxkathleen

Hopefully I’ve given you hair fanatics another great plethora of hairstyle ideas!  It’s struggle for us ladies out there when we’re in the transition stage!  I’m sure we can all agree that none of us want to go through this ugly stage.  While our hair is slowly growing and doing its thing, we want to still get those stops by people asking us how we did our hair, even in a plaited style.  So try a few out and do comparisons between a few of them.  I’m sure you will find favorites just as I did, that I will for sure go back to from time to time.  Especially the time when I need to just give my hair a little break.