how to take care of braids: must have hair products for braids

How to Take Care of Braids: 5 MUST-Have Hair Products for Braids

How to Take Care of Braids: MUST Have Hair Products for Braids! Some women think braids are ‘do it and forget it’ for 3-4 months hairstyles. My mama used to say ‘the devil is a liar’ all the time and I’m here to tell those of you who think braids don’t need care like other hairstyles. In fact, you need to wash your braids as often as other hairstyles! The natural hair under those braids need more care than if you were wearing your hair without extensions. If you don’t handle your braids and natural hair under the braids with delicate care you risk loosing some of you natural hair through breakage and tangling.

how to take care of braids: must have hair products for braids Don’t be afraid to sport your braided styles wherever you are (work, school, club, streets). Having theright and best hair products for braids are essential and should not be taken lightly! Braids are now very popular hairstyles and no looked upon as ‘ghetto’ and unprofessional anymore thanks to celebrities like Solange, Beyonce Knowles, Brandy, Keri Hilson and the ever beautiful and my favorite singer/actress Janet Jackson. I’m not going to bore you to death! Having the right and best hair products for braids are essential and should not be taken lightly! below are 5 of the best hair products for braids I use and will continue using to take good care of my braids. Never again should you be asking ‘how to take care of braids.’ Should you not take the time to take good care of your scalp, natural hair and braids…you will pay for it dearly.

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Often Asked Questions & Answers:

Q: Do you wrap your braids with a scarf at night?

A: Yes, wrapping your braids with scalp at night keeps it neat and make the braids last longer!

Q: WAIT YOU REALLY WASH YOUR BRAIDS!!!!! I was told you are not supposed to be washing your have with braids

A: You should wash your braids if you properly care for them. However, you should not wash your braids until the third week with with them. Washing your braids with the right products (the recommended) will help restore moisture, prevents dryness and itchy scalp!

Q: Where can I get the Hairobic All Natural Oil your girl is using on the video below? My box braids are dry and itchy. This is killing me and can’t take it anymore! 

A: You can get it from your local beauty supply or from Amazon. 4oz for only $8.99! 

Q: Where can I buy the wax stick you’re using on the video?

A:  Also from your local beauty supply store or Amazon. $5.35 for a bunch of them!

Q: How long do you usually keep your braids in?

A: I don’t keep my braids in pass 3 months. But usually 3-4 months

Q: Do you blow dry or air dry your hair/braids after washing?

A: I always airdry over night. In the morning I put a little heat using a blow dryer. I put my braids in a bun for about 5 days out of the week, so I don’t want any mildew or dirt!

Best Hair Products for Braids: My Top 5!

#1. Organic Root Stimualtor Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo ($6.75/8oz from Amazon)

organic root stimualtor herbal-cleanse dry shampoo for braids

Benefits: If you just got your braids and you’re not the time yet to shampoo, the Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo by Organic Root Stimualtor is one of the best hair products for braids to use. I’m stocked up on those because they are reasonably priced. But the #1 benefit is…it contains anti-bacterial action that removes odor and residue without adding any suds. 

#2. Better Braids Herbal Leave In Conditioner ($3.59/9oz from Amazon)

better braids leave-in conditioner

Benefits: Not only the Herbal Leave-in Conditioner is cheap (stock up ladies), it will help prevent and restore your damaged natural hair, cures and prevent itchy, flaky, dry scalp! The Herbal conditioner contains Wheat Protein and very rich in Herbal. It also contains Hydrolyzed Silk Protein that adds an extra shine to your natural hair. One of the best hair products for braids I have on my hair products closet! (yes, I have a separate closet just for hair products, what can I say…I’m spoiled rotten! LOL)

#3: Phillip Kingsley Scalp Toner ($31.51/8.4oz from Amazon)

phillip kingsley scalp toner braids care

Benefits: Scalp Toner by Phillip Kingsley is absolutely one of the most used hair products for braids on my hair products closet, but ladies I have to warn you…this is a little pricey! However ladies, this is a MUST have. It makes your scalp healthy. And if you’re a hair care fanatic like I am you know the saying “healthy scalp creates longer, thicker and healthier natural hair). This unique braid product does 3 essential things to your scalp: #1. It helps stimulate blood flow to your scalp; #2. It removes excess oils that can cause bacteria that can cause your hair breakage or even hair loss! #3. Lastly, you will say goodby to itch scalp with braids! Yes ladies, this little product will cure and prevent itch scalp with braids! My braids fashionistas know what I’m talking about. 

#4: African Pride Braid Sheen Spray ($4.95/8oz from Amazon)

african pride braid sheen spray

Benefits: Don’t let the cheap price tag fool you. Braid Sheen Spray by African Pride is one of my ultimate anti-breakage hair products for braids. If you don’t have Braid Sheen Spray in your hair product collections get you one now! I Call this my little ‘miraculous braid hair product;’ LOL, I made that up. But for real, the braid sheen spray moisturizes and nourishes your braids and natural hair under the braids. Because of all the pulling that was done when installing the braids and maintaining the braids, your scalp experiences a lot of stress. This braid product help relieve the stress. Braid Sheen Spray also prevent and cure itchiness, sooth the braids to relax the tightness. The best benefit of Braid Sheen Spray as a one of the hair products for braids is that it prevents hair loss! You should use this braid product on your hair right after you got your braids done! Oh, it also smells good!

#5: Darcy’s Botanicals Avocado & Wild Plum Twisting Cream ($17.00 from Amazon)

darcy's botanicals avocado wild-plum twisting cream for braids

Benefits: Most of us already know the benefits of using avocado and wild plum on our natural hair. So it should be no surprise that Avocado & Wild Plum Twisting Cream by Darcy’s Botanicals is one of my top 5 hair best hair products for braids. This is the only…I repeat, the only product you should be using to braid and twists your hair whether you’re doing natural hair braids or using extensions! Why you may ask? How about getting moisture to dry, and coarse curls while your hair getting braided or twisted? I also like this cream due to its thickness. As a results, your braids will end up benefiting from some high level of moisture and softening; especially if you’re using 3-to 4 coarse types of hair, that is scented with Ylang Ylang and/or Lemon! Try Avocado & Wild Plum Twisting Cream and you can thank me later!

Check this Haircare Products for Braids Video by my girl Missy Lynn

Tips: When taking out the braids pass fine tooth comb through your hair to get raid of dirt balls. This will prevent matting when washing your natural hair at the end. Deep condition your natural hair after taking the braids out. Drink a lot of water during and after the braids! Water will keep your hair moisturized!