how to french braid your own hair styles tutorial

How to French Braid your Own Hair – Video Tutorials, Tips and Products

How to French braid your own hair! I find myself always switching my hairstyle and done so very often.  It’s something about feeling brand new. When you have a new do everybody seems to recognize it and compliment on it. I find that any hairstyle you try and create, adding a small braid or french braid that is created throughout the hair will have you stand out and be recognized. Question is do you know how to french braid your own hair? So I did some digging and found some very simple French braid hairstyles that will set off any hairstyle your trying to achieve and showing you how to french braid your own hair properly.

How to French Braid your Own Hair Properly

how to french braid your own hair styles tutorial

As a hair stylist I get this question a whole lot ‘how do I French braid my own hair?’ French braiding your own hair may sounds like a difficult task, but it’s not. How to French braid your own hair is really depends on the style you like or choose to do. French braiding your own hair can be as simple as 1-2-3, but can be complicated as well if you choose to do a complicated French braid. If you’re looking to do a simple, yet elegant French braid you can wear for any occasion we can help. Below are exact step-by-step instructions on how to French braid your own hair property. We also provide different French braid styles with video tutorials you can choose to do on your own.

Step-by-Step Tutorials:

french braided hairstyles

Note: Avoid using a mirror because it will confuse you!!!

how to french braid your own hair

Different French Braid Hairstyles – How-to Video Tutorials

#1. Fro-Hawk French Braid

Video by: Carmen Veal

This classic fro hawk that can be created in some many ways, seems like with a french braid it just gives it such a classic edge, even more amazing about this particular style is that its a reversed french braid, so it give the style a cleaner, tighter design that is way more visible and stands out. You want to make sure you use a light oil to separate and detangle the hair better. Some olive oil, or castor oil, are great ones to use.

#2. Long Fishtail French Braid with Hair Extensions

Video by: Monae Artistry

What I love most about this style is how I can see a model rocking it on the runway, or even a celebrity like Jada Pinkett rocking it. Its just the little touch and creations made with one section of the hair that makes this whole style just scream unique!! We all remember that high bump style in the front and then a pony tail in the back. This is taking an old school style and creating a new and improved high bump style, with the fish tail french braid to accent it. You’ll definitely want to know how to french braid your own hair for this style, its a must try! Adding gel on the sides to slick the pony tail back will help this style stay tight and clean.

#3. Upside Down Bun with French Braid Rope

Video by: MakeupWearables Hairstyles

I love, love this hair style, very oriental influenced and chic. I love the intricate design in the back, and how it leads all the way in the front to make a high messy bump. And that simple little french braid that wraps around the whole style just brings it all together so perfectly. It looks very complicating to do but only took her about 20 minutes to do, and you guys know I love that even more! With this style you’ll definitely need to wrap in a satin bonnet if your trying to keep it for a few days. Its already a loose style so you don’t want the hair in the back falling down.

#4. Voluminized French Braid

Video by: Imogen ~ Foxy Locks

So this whole look is so simplistic with the traditional side french braid, with a little twist to it though. This hatch back, overlapping method that is created throughout the french braid is what makes its captivating and unique. Definitely a high upscale look that can be worn to any high class event, she really shows you a great way how to french braid your own hair in this video. This look can also be worn to work as a professional updo. Just make sure you have a light spritz to hold the design in place so it can last for a few days.

#5. Side Dutch French Braid

Video: Bebexo

This French braid is one of my top favorite ones out of the whole bunch. Its really just a side french braid, but how this woman separates the french braid afterwards is what makes it look like more was done to it. Doing the stretch method to the french braid gives it almost a zig zag illusion, along with more volume to make it thicker. Her method is probably this best on how to french braid your own hair the best. Since its a chunkier type french braid, using eco styler gel will help give a soft sheen to it, along with holding it in place better.

One thing I know for sure is that you can never get tired of the French braid, especially with how many different styles are out there for it. By the time you’re done watching these video tutorials, I’m sure you will be more confident in knowing how to french braid your own hair. It definitely takes some practice with the French braid styles in general, but when you get the hang of it, you will be amazed at the different and unique styles you can to create from a French braid. Till next time my hair fanatics, be well to your hair and it will be well to you!