How to Get Healthy Hair (DIY) Tips & Regimen

how to get healthy hair

How to get healthy hair (DIY tips & regimen! You ever have those moments where your out and see someone’s cute baby with long flowy and  thick hair and remember when yours was like that when you were a little girl? Now you look at your hair, and it’s all broken off from relaxers, over heated from flat irons and curling rods that you don’t think is ever possible to get those long tresses back? Well I’m hear to teach you ladies how you can get your beautiful long hair back with a little patience and following some key elements with our how to get healthy hair with tips and tutorials. Below are a list of tips, tricks and daily routines on how to have healthy hair. Try some or all of them and let us which works better for your hair type!

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How to Get Healthy Hair (DIY) Tips & Regimen

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First thing first is cleansing your hair:  I know when you hear me say that you think, “Duh, I cleanse my hair every week.” In actuality, do you know if you’re using a quality shampoo, or just a cheap shampoo? You want to make sure you thoroughly cleanse your scalp and condition your hair. I know most of us think that if with cleanse our scalp too much that it will be stripped of moisture. That is true, but if you find a moisturizing shampoo and massage it through it will benefit you highly on the growth process. The is the most important process in our how to get healthy hair series.

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Second is conditioning: When I say conditioning, think deep conditioning. You want to have a weekly routine set up for this, and let the conditioner set for 45 minutes to really marinate into the scalp and the hair. This will ensure that there is no major breakage when combing and drying your hair. Mixing natural oils along with a conditioner is even more beneficial, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and jojaba oil, it will ensure you know how to get healthy hair.

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Third is:  you definitely want to protect your hair when you go to sleep at night, its another method on how to get healthy hair. Trust it was a challenge for me becaue sometimes I just fall into the bed and last thing I want to think about is tieing up my hair. But wearing a Satin bonnet/scarf at night will also insure that the moisture will stay locked in your tresses, instead of being stripped and dry while you sleep. Alot of cotton pillows and sheets will do that to our hair.

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Fourth and last step is moisturize! Yes you need to be moisturizing your hair everyday, sometimes twice a day if you can make the time. Think of growing a plant, it has to have water everyday, if it doesn’t it dies. Same thing with your hair, I think sometimes we think of a moisturizing with a cream or oil, but one of the best, inexpensive products is water. It will help keep your scalp and hair nourished and grow ample amount of new hair. It will be one of the most important steps on how to get healthy hair. You could even use water and pour in some olive oil or coconut oil into the mixture, the oil will help seal in the moisture from the water, longer. Ladies, I hope this post on how to have healthy hair really help takes your hair to another level this summer. Try some of our tips and let us know if they work for you.

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