how to make natural hair curly video tutorials

How to Make Natural Hair Curly Without Heat & Chemical Products Step-by-Step Video Tutorial w/ Tips, Tricks & Maintenance

how to make natural hair curly video tutorials

How to make natural hair curly! I thought I knew it all back when I was younger, if I wanted to make my hair curly I’d just put some cold rods in and sit under the dryer or just use a curling iron and spray with some spritz to hold.  How completely wrong was I, especially since I had a relaxer majority of my childhood.  Not only was I damaging my hair with the relaxer, I was over processing it with more chemicals, like cheap holding spray and gel.  It all seemed so simple and my mom believed she was using the right thing on my hair too.

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STEP 1: Curly Natural Hair Pre-Wash Regimen

Video Credit: My Natural Sistas

Fast forward years later, my hair had so much breakage and damages growing up using these methods. My answer was just leaving it alone and putting some braids in it, to have it grow again.  Then on top of that i wasn’t giving my hair the proper moisture.  I’d barely wash it because in my own special mind I thought water would dry my hair out.  Boy, was I naive! It was the relaxer I used for many years that was drying and breaking my hair off, and the cheap hair products I was using that caused  more damage to my natural hair.  So now here I am wanting to make my hair curly again and decided to do a two-strand twist method. The number one question now is…how to make my natural hair curly and follow a natural hair moisturizing routine that will lock the curls and alleviate frizz without using damaging chemical products.

STEP 2: Curly Natural Shampooing and Conditioning Regimen (Wash Day)

Video Credit: My Natural Sistas

Ladies, you and I both know growing relaxer out isn’t at all that simple.  I used to think I could and knew how to make natural hair curly by using my old methods which involved using a lot of chemical products, and its going to turn out beautiful and defined.  Yeah right,  my hair ended up dried every time and I looked like a straight fuzzy poodle on one side of my hair and struck by lightning on the other side of my head.  Yes ladies it was time to really get the correct knowledge on knowing the proper way on how to make natural hair curly.

STEP 3: Natural Hair Detangling Regimen

Video Credit: My Natural Sistas

Let’s start with the moisture and the myth about washing your natural hair too much and that your hair will dry out.  It is the products you are using that will dry out your hair, not the washing.  You need the natural oils your hair produces to stay keeping your hair healthy, and spritzing water on your scalp everyday will help keep that moisture. What I realized too, is when you use a moisturizing conditioner without sulfites or harmful chemicals in it, there is never to much product you can use in your hair when its all natural ingredients.  The more you work on improving the moisture in your hair the more definition of curls your hair will have.  Also when your working with previously relaxed hair,  your curl pattern has changed, therefore you are going to have to work on retraining your curl pattern all over again. Below is the full step-by-step video tutorial on how to make natural hair curly without using chemical products and minimizing frizz.

How to Make Natural Hair Curly Step-by-Step Video Tutorial, Tips, Tricks, Maintenance

Video Credit: My Natural Sistas

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First, you will shampoo hair to remove build up, but your going to condition your hair three times.  Use a deep conditioning treatment, run through with fingers rinse hair out about 50 percent of the way and then blot with a towel.

Next step,  add more conditioner to hair, best way to make your hair take in all the healthy ingredients is to condition with each treatment separately so that its not trying to over clump the hair with product.  Instead of wasting product and washing away majority of it before the hair is able to receive the moisture treatment.

Then,  you will apply a leave in conditioner, you want to section your hair and apply the product evenly throughout the whole head.  Finger comb the product through and use a small tooth comb to help seal in the moisture from root to end.

Then,  section by section you will start to retrain each strand of hair, so you will begin coiling the hair strand around your finger.  If you want bigger curls, you will use thicker strands of hair.  If you want the curls smaller and tighter you will use smaller strands of hair.  If at any point your hair is drying too quickly before you are done with coiling the whole head, spritz water on the hair to keep it moisturized.

Last but not least,  after you’ve repeated this method throughout the whole head, you then will use a diffuser to help dry the hair, and keep the moisture in.  Also wanted to add if you are wanting to have a stronger hold on your curls to help them last longer, as you are coiling the hair you can use a light all natural gel without alcohol in it.

Styles for Naturally Curly Hair: Styling Tips for Curly Hair (Natural)

Video Credit: BiancaReneeToday

There are many styles for natural curly hair out there but very few are unique. Above are some gorgeous and unique styles for my curly hair sistas and styling tips for curly natural hair. If you have some of your own be sure to share with us on Facebook: PoeticJusticeBraids — IG: PoeticJusticeBraidsStyles!

Tips for Curly Natural Hair Sistas

Video Credit: Alicia James

After you gotten in the proper routine of knowing how to make natural hair curly, you won’t have to do this time consuming method all the time.  After the hair starts to become retrained, you’ll only have to worry about repeating this method once a week.  Trust me, it is well worth the time, if you want long, defined, lustrous curls.  Women I’ve talked to, especially other hair stylists feel they know how to make natural hair curly, and it amazes me on all the different opinions and techniques they use.  I’m here to tell you that you will truly know if they know how to make natural hair curly or not by their first few questions.  What products are you using on your hair?  Are they all natural?  How often do you moisturize your hair?  And last but not least if they point out how you will have to retrain your curl pattern if you’ve had a previous relaxer.  Stay in the know how ladies!  That is how you make natural hair curly, the right and healthy way!