how to moisturize scalp with braids using water, coconut, olive oil

How to Moisturize Scalp with Braids & Keep Your Natural Hair Under Braids & Twist Extensions Healthy!

How to moisturize scalp with braidsHow to When I now think about how I used to take care of my hair in braids and cornrows when I was younger, I shake my head and ask myself ‘what where you thinking?’ How could I really expect my hair to grow when I rarely fed it what it needs?  I was always afraid to wash my braids too often in fear that the synthetic hair would get too brittle.  But the crazy part is that I’d care more about that then my own natural hair! My hair really needed some types of scalp moisturizer to help my hair grow abundantly.

how to moisturize scalp with braids using water, coconut, olive oil

So through the years of research and knowledge, I found there is just a few simple things I can do on a daily basis that will help my hair stay moisturized.  Knowing how to moisturize scalp and your hair properly will help your hair grow more quicker then you realize.  We all want the secret to on the proper ways and how to moisturize scalp and grow healthier, thicker, and longer hair. Not washing and moisturizing your natural hair can results in severe products buildups, loc-ins, and meshing. To prevent some of that, I recommend using some hair oil like coconut oil. Your hair may smell like oil, but it will be healthy. If you’re looking for more of an odorless you can use something like grapeseed and jojoba or even olive oil. Below are some tips that will teach you how to moisturize your hair; especially if you’re sporting braids.

How to Moisturize Scalp with Braids & Twist Extensions

Water Spritz

Video Credit: Yolanda Renee

Who would have thought just plain ol’ water could do the trick as a scalp moisturizer!  I don’t know about you, but my thoughts about water back in the day was, washing your hair too much will dry your hair out! NOT, it’s a complete myth! Its the type of shampoo or conditioner use rather than washing your hair will dry your hair out. Your hair becomes too dry if you don’t give it enough good ol’ H20, just like a plant, if you don’t give it enough water every other day it will dry out and die.  So the necessity for water to the scalp is a must, and its an inexpensive scalp moisturizer. This video above teaches you how to moisturize scalp under braids with water.

Oil / Water Mix

Video Credit: SimplyALLURING

Another great additive to the water for extensive moisture is oil.  Of course olive oil comes to mind, but think about oils that might not be as heavy and if they have vitamin E in it as well.  A lighter, less odor type oil will be the best on your hair.  And when you add the oil to the water, water will moisturize the your hair and the oil will help seal in the moisture deeper into the roots.  I suggest castor oil or jojoba oil, they aren’t as thick and do not really have a strong smell to it.

Remember, less is always better. If you add too much product to the hair, your hair becomes more clumped up at the scalp, causing your hair follicles not to breath.  Therefore, your causing breakage and damage to the hair, which is completely opposite of what I’m sure your trying to do.  So just get back to the basics, learn properly how to moisturize scalp & your hair without over processing.  Take a few minutes out of your day to give your scalp daily water to ensure proper care and growth.  You’ll be glad in the end you took the time to do it.

How to you moisturize your scalp / hair under braids? Please share with us on the comment section below!