how long does it takes to remove crochet braids

How to Remove Crochet Braids Safely – Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

how to remove crochet braids without cutting

How to remove crochet braids –  the new craze and fascination with crochet braids is amazing, provided that crochet braiding style is not really new.  I think crochet is trending again because it is a convenient hairstyle; the most natural hairstyle look you can get without a sewn  in and it longevity.  The hair is crocheted through cornrowed hair and can last up to a month depending on how good or bad you take care of the braids and your natural hair under the braids. So you are enjoying this lovely hair style and it looks great, sexy and trending. But, you have to remove your crochet braids at some point because if you don’t your natural hair under the braids will tangle up; which may cause hair loss and damages.

You would think crochet braids are as easy to take out just as it was to put in. It’s in fact, can be very easy if you know how to remove crochet braids properly.  Let’s just say you left it in too long and the hair is more knotted than usual, how do you remove crochet braids safely without your hair being damaged from it? I’m here to give you several tips to help that process go by quicker for you and without frustration of tugging at your hair, losing hair or accidentally cutting your hair when removing crochet braids.

how to remove crochet braids with scissors

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There are different ways and how to remove crochet braids. Sometimes you don’t even have to worry about cutting the braids off. In this article and videos, I will also teach you know how to remove crochet braids with Marley hair, how to remove crochet braids with glue and also how long does it actually take to remove crochet braids.

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#1. How to Remove Crochet Braids Without Cutting

Video By: a fearlesslifestyle

Say you’re a little timid on using scissors close to your hair to cut and remove the crochet braid, there is a method that you can use without cutting the crochet braids off.  Its very easy to do, you simply  find the knot in your hair and loosen up the knot as loose as you can get it. Then unravel it with your fingers so that it can slide right underneath the cornrow and be removed safely and efficiently.  This method is a good one but you have to make sure that you do not leave your crochet braids in for more than 4 weeks or it will get a little more matted up then normal, causing the process to remove the crochet braids with your fingers a whole lot different and difficult than using scissors.

#2. How to Remove Crochet Braids with Marley Hair

Video By: My Natural Sistas

Marley hair is one of the most popular types of hair to use for crochet braids. It is the most natural looking type of hair for this look, but when removing Marley hair, the best and safest way is to remove by cutting them off with a pair of scissors.  Removing the crochet braids using a pair of scissors you need to make sure that you do not cut the your natural hair alone with it.  To avoid that, simply cut right next to the knot. The knot is the only thing left on your braid. After you have cut and removed most of the hair next to the knot with scissors, safely unravel the knot with your fingers.

#3. How to Remove Crochet Braids with Glue

Video By: teeday6

Glue can be a little tricky, especially in hair because it’ll sometimes break the hair off if you try and take it out too harshly.   There are a few ways to crochet braids with glue safely without pulling out your natural hair. One of the ways is rubbing alcohol to deactivate the glue. Wet a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the knot; NOT the Scalp, because rubbing alcohol on your scalp will dry it. Using alcohol is the best way to remove crochet braids. However, you can also use oil sheen, scalp lubricant or scalp oil to remove crochet braids (be sure to use lots of oil).

If using one of the suggested oils, saturate your hair and scalp with the oil, then use a wide tooth comb to pick out the knot and remove the glue from your hair. Last but not least, you can use a Follicleanse Shampoo. Let your hair soak for about 20 minutes, then comb through the glue and comb it out.

#4. How long does it take to remove crochet braids

how long does it takes to remove crochet braids

Removing crochet braids can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or two depends on the method you choose to use. Also, how well, quick, and how slowly you move.   The method I often use is with scissors. The process of how to remove crochet braids usually takes me a little over 1 hour, often due to the fact that I  leave in my crochet braids for longer than 4 weeks! Why that long? Well, I take good care of them!

Sometimes, my hair becomes very frizzy and knotted up. I find myself cutting the majority of the crochet hair off close to the knot, it can be hard locating the knot, and pulling the hair through can he tasking because the braids can snag up in a few areas.  I would recommend you use the extra little time to carefully cut without pulling and snagging; it’s worth it!

Why? You want your hair to remain healthy underneath and the removal process to be as safe as possible.  The choice ladies is up to you. Do concentrate on how long crochet braids will take to remove; concentrate on how to remove your crochet braids safely instead. Now that you have at your disposal the best methods on how to remove crochet braids quickly and safely; All you you have to do now is select the one you think will work best for you.

removing crochet braids

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Well mamacitas there you have it, I get asked these questions frequently so I decided to make a few ‘how to remove crochet braids DYI videos’ for you and hopefully they will help solve a lot of your ‘removing crochet braid dilemmas’. If you’re rocking a great versatile style like crochet braids, you’re my type of girl; they are natural looking and so easy to do.  With how my schedule is set up, it’s so great to just get up, untie my scarf and do maybe a little bit of spritz here and there.

Overall, crochet braids is great and trending style. I get lots of compliments every time sport them. Some of the attention is due to the fact that, if done right, the braids will look very natural. So natural that people will think it’s your real hair! I wish I could invent something that will allow me to wear my crochet braids forever. We all know that’s not possible. However, you can make your crochet last a little longer by making sure you take care of the braids and your natural hair underneath!

Until the next hairstyle, ladies take care of yourself, take care of your hair and be well.  If you go by at least one of these methods, you will be good to go and will forever know how to properly remove your crochet braids. If this tutorial is any help to you, be sure to pass it on to your family and friends! Share and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: