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Inside Out Braid – How to Video Tutorial, Styling, Pictures and MORE…

Inside Out Braid: We’re always seeking different styles and updos that can be worn for different occasions and purposes;  kind of like  all-in-one type hairstyles. If you’re looking for something fashionable, quick and elegant, a French braided style will never steer you wrong. So that being said, why not take the French braid a step further, why not create it inside out braid?! This braiding burst a lot of edges. These type of French braid will stand out even more. I found some gorgeous inside out braid and inside out French braid styles that are for sure to set your whole look off!

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5 Gorgeous Inside Out Braids Styles – How-to Do Videos

#1: Inside Out Dutch braid Style

dutch inside out braids

What I like particular about this inside out French braid is the simplicity of the look, it is very neat, elegant looking and very classy. It can be worn for at least about a good week before having to undo the hair style. Adding little accessories and with the bang I think sets off the whole look and brings attention to how detailed an inside-out French braid looks, verses just the regular french braid.

Video Credit: Onika R

inside out braid styles dutch


#2: Inside Out Pigtail Braid

french pigtail braid styles inside out

I find this particular inside out French braid is adorable, the fact that its pigtails definitely gives it an innocent look. A very casual and fun look to go to the beach or out on a hike. They can also be pinned together on the two free ends of the braid then attached together in the back and make a french braid crown if ever you want to take that look to a more chic upscale event or party, you literally will have created two looks within one.

Video Credit: Lanosbeauty

inside out french pigtail braids


#3: Inside Out Puff/Tucked Braid

puffed tucked inside out french braids

So by far this is the most upscale , chic look out of all the inside out braid do’s, because of its very neat structured elements throughout the pattern. Its created on the side of the head then leads down to the end, then rolled up into a circular flower look. Gives it a nice refined and polished look all together. You definitely with this one since the inside out french braid is bigger it might not last as long because the thicker the French braid is the thicker the whole hairstyle is in to keep it together. So with maintaining you definitely want to make sure you sleep with a satin scarf at night. Have secure bobby pins so that you can at least have this doe last you for about 5 days or so.

Video Credit: locksofhairstyles

#4: Inside Out French/Dutch Crown Braid

inside out french dutch crown braids

What I like most about this inside out French braid is that when you have those situations where you plan to wear your hair down whether you lose your curl or your high volume or it becomes wilted sometimes. You do not have time to restyle sometimes and if doing a protective style like the inside out braid it will help ensure the least amount of breakage and less heat to hair . Also a style just something to keep out of your face so that you can enjoy not having your hair fall in your face all the time. It is definitely on my top five list of fabulous hairstyles.

Video Credit: Ojon

dutch french crown inside out braids styles


#5: Inside Out Fishtail Braid

reversed inside out french braiding styles

So we all know that popular movie with that cartoon character Elsa how little girls are just raving over that cartoon character and her hairstyle. So that being said the woman took that hairstyle a step further and made it into an inside-out fishtail braid instead of an inside out French braid I think it was a brilliant idea. I have never seen an inside-out fishtail braid before so it just makes this whole look stand out and has fun amazing elements in it to make it such an amazing hairstyle. Since a fishtail braid is pretty messy it might only last you for a day or two, but if you keep conditioning and moisturizing your hair like you should, keep it tight up at night you might actually be able to get away with it for about 3 or 4 days.

Video Credit: Missy Sue


It is so amazing how many different types of French braids styles there are out there. I use to think inside out braids were just regular regular French braids with no flavors and styles until I started researching different inside out braids or an inside-out French braids; they are more fabulous ways to style those types of braids. There are many different styles to choose from, that can be rocked all season long. You know we need varieties ladies. Adding an inside out braid arsenal will just expand your options that will give you that  much needed edge; who does not like more edge?!