Keri Hilson Braids Hairstyles – Long, Beautiful and Trendy

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Keri Hilson Braids Hairstyles! It was such a beautiful thing to watch a video of the ‘Pretty Girl Rock‘ singer with her cute and NBA shot blocking, multi-millionaire boyfriend from Africa Serge Ibaka teaching her Lingala (SEE VIDEO); a beautiful language spoken in Congo-Brazzaville, DR Congo and in Angola. Serge is from Congo but speak 4 languages! Keri Hilson is one gorgeous and talented singer but it’s kind of touch to say Serge Ibaka hit the lottery because he hold his own. The celebrity couple are perfect match for each other. But anyways, this post is about Keri Hilson braids hairstyles.

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Keri Hilson is not shy about displaying her love for her African culture. Braids as most of us aware of, are originated from Africa. Before Janet Jackson made braids popular on the 90’s movie ‘Poetic Justice‘ with Tupac Shakur, which produced the ‘Poetic Justice Braids,’ braids were always part of the African culture. African American have been rocking braids since ancient Africa and took the culture here with us during slavery.

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keri hilson braids pics

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However, like everything else of African culture, braids were portrayed as Ghetto and low class. That changed, however, after mainstream celebrities like Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Solange, Brandy, Keri Hilson started wearing braids in movies, music videos and as daily fashion statements. I have been following and admiring Keri Hilson since we busted into the scene. Keri Hilson braids styles are some of my most admired features of the beautiful songstress.

keri hilson braided hair photos

So today, we pay homage to the beautiful, gorgeous and talented singer Keri Hilson braids hairstyles she rocked in 2014. We will continue to follow her in 2015 to see what else she has for us. Keri Hilson loves her some Poetic Justice Braids and we don’t see her switching style any time soon! If you ever wonder who did Keri Hilson braids, Keri says that recording her music inspired her braids. Keri box braids are done by one of her close cousins. Soooo, doesn’t look like you can get access to her unless you’re part of that circle!

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Keri Hilson Braids Pictures

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If you’re one that likes to wear braids like Keri Hilson braids, I will advice that you take some tips from her. Keri Hilson once said that ‘because you wear braids does’t mean you stop caring for your natural hair.’ That is so true. Often enough we stop doing the little things we need to do to keep our natural hair under those braids healthy. You need to watch, shampoo, oil, moisturize your natural the braids and your natural hair under those braids like you didn’t have no braids on! You MUST keep those braids and natural hair under the braids clean. Healthy scalp will produce healthier, longer and thicker natural hair! Click on links above to learn how to take care of your braids and natural hair after braids removal!


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Keri Hilson Braids Hairstyles in 2014

keri hilson box braids pictures

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keri hilson braided hairstyles

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keri hilson braided hair styles 2014

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