twa fro hawk short natural-hairstyles how to do

5 Fabulous Short Natural Hair Video Tutorials – Step-by-Step How-to

twa fro hawk short natural-hairstyles how to do

Gorgeous short natural hair – having short natural hair is pretty low maintenance and that’s one of its biggest advantages. That is especially true with the busy lives we all lead, from the student with class and test to the corporate woman on the go. The problem with TWA’s though usually is the lack of options to style your hair. Well now you don’t have to worry about that anymore.There are a number of styles you can use in your TWA and right here we will get creative and provide you with five. This is just a mini sampling of the possibilities with many more styles out there for your short natural hair.

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5 Gorgeous Short Natural Hair

#1. Define Curls with a Denman Brush and Your Favorite Gel

Video by: My Natural Sistas

In this short video you will see how you can use a few tools to really define the curls in your TWA for a more defined look. The tools you need to get this look include a bottle of water, your favorite oil, a Denman brush or similar and some leave in conditioner. You will find that this style can be time consuming taking up to an hour to complete but it does last all week.

defined curls twa pixie hairstyle short natural hair

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#2. Super Defined Twist-Out on Short Natural Hair

Video by: NaturallyPhilo

Here is another style that can give your TWA a super defined look. This look makes use of the Shea Moisture Curling Souffle which gives it a lot of moisture. The soufflé is sticky, and as such it will be messy work. But the outcome can only be described as beautiful. This is also a style that will last you all week, so once you get the messy work done you are good for the rest of the week. The results will be a super defined twist out pattern with a very high shine and moisturized finish.

typ 4 natural hair twa styles defined twist out short


#3. Messy Bun on Short Natural Hair

Video by: Gloria Ann

If your hair is longer than a TWA and you can get it up into a bun, this is a great style for you. It is simple yet sexy and sleek enough for the corporate lady. This is a great lazy day hairstyle or a good choice when you are running late and need to get your hair together quickly. Add some hair extensions if you don’t have enough hair and it will blend seamlessly to finish off the look.

messy bun short natural hair style

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#4. Faux Afro Puff for Short Natural Hair

Video by: Purely Kaice

Similar to the Messy Bun is the Faux Afro Puff. This is another quick style that you can get up within a couple minutes when you need to get your hair put together in a flash. This look can give your hair a longer hair by teasing the hair once you have pinned up in place. Simply secure the hair with a headband and tease the ends out to complete. Add moisturizer or gel to keep the edges sleek and in place.

puff on short natural hair


#5. The Funky Frohawk

Video by: AnnisaLiMara

This hairstyle is super quick – you only need two minutes for this one. It works great on TWA hair and provides you with volume, height and curl definition. This is a great hairstyle if you want to make a statement with your hair – it definitely says a lot about your character when you put up a hairstyle such as this.

twa fro hawk short natural-hairstyles how to do

Hope you enjoy our carefully chosen 5 gorgeous short natural hair styles. Please share them on FB/IG with your friends. Later, fashionistas!!!