upside down french braids result pictures

BRAID OF THE WEEK: Upside Down French Braid Bow Tutorials [VIDEO]

Upside down French braid: There are some hairstyles that come and go, and then there are those classic styles that are repeated over and over again. Different creative styles sometimes emerged from those classic styles.  Let’s take the high braided bun hairstyle, for example, it’s perfect hairstyle for getting your hair out your face for a while, or even just to have a more elegant polished look.  But what if you add a little extra pizzazz to it, and then you have the new and improved high bun and call it: The Upside Down French Braid with bow.

how to do upside down french braid video tutorials

It is for sure a very polished, and unique style, that will have others admire your hair from a far, and wonder how you put it together.  It looks very hard and complicated to achieve, yet, reality is… it actuality is so very simple to do. Below are easy to follow text and video tutorials on how to do an elegant and trendy upside down French braid with bow! Do it, enjoy it and share it with your friends and family members!

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Upside Down French Braid W/ Bow Video Tutorials

Here is a step-by-step video tutorial that will walk you through the upside down French braid with bow. Once you’re watch the video, you will really see just how simple it is to do:

For Black Women

Video Credit: Dessy GT

For White Women

Video Credit: The Huffington Post

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-First start with clean freshly washed hair, dried and stretched hair is the best way to achieve the defined upside down french braid.

-Use a wide tooth comb to help detangle and section the hair.

-Turn head upside down to start the braiding process

– Section hair into 3 strands starting at the neck of the head with wide tooth comb

– Then hold strands separately in hands as you start the  overlapping method with the strands.

– As you start platting the upside down french braid, always grab and outer piece of hair to add to the braid.

– Continue method all the way to the top of head.

– Secure with rubber band for making the bow.

– Secure bow with bobby pins

-Make sure front of hair is smoothed and gelled on the side for that smooth finished look.

upside down french braids result pictures

If you follow this method to its entirety and pay a little attention to the process, you will know how to do the upside down French braid correctly and become an expert to the point where you can show your friends and family members how to do a stylish upside down French braid without having to watch this tutorial again.  Other braid stylists have done this braiding style but their methods were a little different and too complicated for starters.

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TIPS: I highly recommend you have your hair stretched and blow dried straight so that you get to really see the pattern.  There might be some frustration at the beginning on how to do the upside down French braid, but as you practice more you will get better with it.  Just stay patient, play with it some, and keep trying it, you’ll thank me for it later!