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Patra braids are named after a popular Jamaican born Dancehall singer named Dorothy Smith but is known by her stage name ‘Lady Patra.’ She was born on November 23, 1972 in Kingston Jamaica and begun a singing career in the 1980s. Lady Patra (her stage name) rocked those long; sometimes thick and sometimes thin, but long braids.

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From the time Lady Patra hit stages across the world, there is not 1 picture of Patra in existence where is wearing anything other than braids. Way before Janet Jackson made the Box braids popular from the movie ‘Poetic Justice’ in the 90s (now named Poetic Justice Braids after the movie), there was Patra, giving birth to the braiding style ‘Patra Braids.” Learn more about Lady Patra!

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Patra braids are a very unique and stylish way of grooming the hair where the hair braiding is done very close to scalp. They are big and single individual braids, the size of which is same or double the size of a normal single braid. There can be different types of variations in this braiding hairstyles depending on the choice of a person.

The upward motion using underhand is generally used to produce this type of braids which look gorgeous, specifically on black hair. The straight, curvilinear or other geometric variation done with the braids depends on the choice of the person who does the braids. These braids are best done by professional hair dressers. However, one can also try these braids at home, with a lot of care.

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Types of Hair to Use for Patra Braids

The most recommended hair to use for Patra braids is Kanekalon jumbo braid hair. Although, one can always try using human hair for this purpose, a lot of variety and texture are suitable to carry out the braiding. The synthetic braiding hair should be checked before using. Getting a proper recommendation from the hairdresser before using any hair variety is advised.

The allergies associated with the hair used for braiding is common. In this regard, the hair which is to be used for Patra braiding must be soaked in vinegar mixed water for about fifteen minutes to get rid of the alkaline base of the hair. The use of kinky hair is also common for this purpose.

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How Long To Keep Patra Braids In

If proper care and attention is given to the Patra braids, then they can be kept for about four months at the most. The only problem this braids type is that the hair starts braking in. Therefore, in many cases, two months is the upper limit to keep them, depending on the quality of the hair. A hair stylist should be consulted for this purpose.

The problem of keeping the Parta braids for more then 3-4 months is that the new natural hair that starts coming on the scalp starts getting twisted with the braids, causing a lot of hair fall and hair loss. Again, the length of hair for doing patra braids styles absolutely depends on the choice of an individual. However, the braids should be taken proper care of with regular oiling and nurturing to keep them in best conditions.

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How To Do Patra Braids – Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

The video below teaches you how to do Patra Braids yourself. It’s a simple step-by-step video that can use followed by anyone of any ages, gender and race. Whether you’re doing this braids for the first time or 15th times, this video is the best instructional video EVER Patra how-to. My girl at Curl Mates was kind enough to create this video for us free of charge. So, show my girl some love by visiting her Youtube channel!

What you will need

  • 7 Packs and Bundles of synthetic braiding hair
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Hair Jel
  • Hair ties/Head bands
  • Bobby Pins

Video Credit: Curl Mates

How to Style Patra Braids

The Patra braids styles vary depending on how a person wants to style him or herself. One can use a lot of hair accessories like hair bands, bobby pins, hair ties and such others to style the braids. Three of the Patra styles are discussed as follows:

1. Taking all the braids and making them into a pony tail and then braiding the ponytail into one big braid. This braid could be pinned together using a bobby pin to get a nice looking bun. They can be accessorized with bows and glittery clips.

2. A ponytail can be made with all the braids using hair ties. Then two braids can be wrapped around the ponytail and pinned with colorful pins to get a styled patra braid. A hair band could also help to make the patra braids styles look better.

3. All the braids could be taken and moved to the left or right side of the head. Then starting from the edges, the braids could again be braided together to the tips. The tail of the braid could be tucked upwards in the hair and pinned properly.

3 Ways to Style

Video Credit: Breanna Rutter

High Bun Style

Video Credit: shaunesty89

1 Unique Style

Video Credit: VandalizingHerCurls

6 Quick / Easy Styles

Video Credit: Linda F

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