Black Kids Hairstyles – Natural Girls Styles w/ Creme of Nature

Black Kids Hairstyle – One Product Two Styles

Black kids Hairstyle Braids

Black kids hairstyles are always changing. When it comes to having little girls, you have to find cute black kids hairstyles. And you know baby girl always wants to have the fliest hairstyle, especially on the first day of school or a birthday party. That being the case, it’s always a struggle in knowing what hair products will be the best and healthiest to use on babygirl. I found Creme of Nature is that match, it really helps moisturize and hydrate the hair like it should without the harsh ingredients found in a lot of other hair products. Purchase Creme of Nature here.

Video by: MahoganyKnots

Black kids hairstyles

Black Kids Hairstyles with NO Residue

Black kids Hairstyle Braids

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What I like most is the variety of black kids hairstyles you can achieve with the creme of nature argon oil and the creme of nature butterlicious curl cream. When you are creating a style for your princess using her natural hair, you want the product to help hold. Without it leaving the hair crunchy or have that annoying white residue that some of them leave behind.

Back Kids hairstyles

Girl braids hairstyle

With using the creme of nature butterlicuous curl cream, the lady in this video achieved two different black kid hairstyles with the same product. The first one was a fun intricate cornrow design. When using the creme of nature argon oil it really gave the hair a beautiful shine. When it was plaited down it really laid the edges of the hair down when using the butterlicious curls cream. So if your looking for an alternative verses using gel which normally becomes hard and flaky and also breaking the hair off too, switching over to this product you will be thoroughly pleased.

Using the same product, the second black kids hairstyles formed into a two strand twists. The cream actually stretched the hair out when creating this design. Normally, most natural hairstyles the hair will have shrinkage but the creme of natural butterlicious cream actually gave some added length. The twists stayed together very well too.

Black Kids hairstyles

Little girl with two strand twist

I notice many times when using other products either you’ll have to apply so much product to moisturize the hair and keep the twists together. Or if you don’t use enough it will just unravel at the ends. Thy way children play this is a real problem. So definitely in my book creme of nature products are a win win for maintaining black kids hairstyles.

There will be no more dilemma on what to use for babygirl and you will be able to create so many gorgeous styles when using the product. Better quality, longer lasting hairstyle, which means less work for you!