Amazing Twist Out For Relaxed Hair w/ Video Tutorials

twist out for relaxed hair

Twist Out For Relaxed Hair – A Step By Step TutorialTwist outs are not only for the natural hair sistas, you can also do a twist out for relaxed hair. So in essence you can have the beauty of both worlds; curly and straight. And what woman doesn’t appreciate versatility when it comes to hair styling? If that’s you, now you can enjoy a twist out on your relaxed hair.

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Tools needed for your twist out for relaxed hair include;

  • Wide tooth comb
  • Shampoo and conditioning products
  • Holding product such as Eco-Styler holding gel
  • Curlers / perm rods
  • Oil preferably the liquid kind

Twist Out for Relaxed Hair Step-by-Step Tutorials

Video Credit: prettywitty77

  1. Shampoo Hair
  2. Moisturize hair as usual
  3. Allow it to air dry to 80% dry
  4. Section your hair according to how you want the twist out to fall
  5. Apply gel to one section and flat twist hair into place
  6. Complete all sections of hair
  7. Wrap hair ends around curler or perm rod
  8. Allow hair to dry
  9. Remove curlers
  10. Apply oil
  11. Pull twists apart
  12. Tease Roots

relaxex hair twistout black women

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After shampooing your hair, and while waiting for it to dry, you can decide where you want your hair to fall. It is best to decide this ahead of time, as many people have run into problems with their twist outs if they try to adjust the length of the twist out after taking them down. Since your hair is relaxed you already have that going against you so choose which side you want your hair to fall and part your hair into sections accordingly.

When applying the hair gel you only want to use just enough to provide you with hold. If you over apply you could develop a gunky buildup. Adding a curler or perm rod at the end of your hair will give an added boost necessary for a twist out for relaxed hair to come out well.

Twist Out for Relaxed Hair

Style tip! You may need to apply just a bit more gel to the ends before wrapping them onto the curler.

You can allow it to air dry or you can go under a dryer. Once your hair is complete dry it is now time for take down. Adding oil to your hair will increase its shine and to tame fly-aways. You want to pull the twists apart slowly and gently as to not disturb the pattern too much and not to introduce too much frizz. You can tease your roots with a comb or you can gently massage your scalp with your fingers for a teasing effect. This will get rid of your part marks and will give your roots some lift, giving your hairstyle a more voluminous look.

And you are done! You have completed your twist out for relaxed hair and if you followed all the steps correctly your hair should be looking amazing right now.  If you need to manipulate your hair add some oil to your finger tips and work slowly so that you don’t disturb the twist out pattern too much.