My Natural Curly Hair Routine – A MUST Tutorial, Tips for Gorgeous Hair & Styles

My natural curly hair routine – One of the most common questions asked by new naturalistas about their curly hair routine, is how often one needs to wash or co-wash their naturally curly hair. While everyone’s hair is a little different and every person’s routine will be a little different, there are some common elements. This video is ideal for those who have very busy lifestyles and don’t want to be bogged-down going through their wash routine several times in a week.

curly natural hair routine care for black women

One of the key elements is to protect your hair at night. Cotton, flannel or linen are damaging and will leave your hair dry and brittle. Satin pillowcases are an easy solution. Combine this will  a protective overnight pineapple hairstyle and you’ll find that your hair has held on to it’s style  better in the morning. This means if you have added water to your hair before you may be able to skip this step. You may be able to just take your hair down and style.

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Natural Curly Hair Routine

Let’s breakdown the curly hair routine starting with co-washing. Co-washing is short for “conditioner only washing”. So their is no shampoo involved here, only conditioner. While a cleansing condition is usually recommended, you can really use whatever conditioner you find best for your hair and look.

  • Apply it directly to your scalp first, working down the length of your hair detangling as you go
  • Section hair and detangle starting from the ends to the roots.
  • Avoid using towels to dry hair. Hands squeeze the excess water from her hair.
  • Style with extra moisture detangler for volume and moisture
  • Twist hair using 2 strand twist to size (medium to large) then twist & curl ends with perm rods.

Video by MahoganyCurls

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Allow the hair to air dry overnight in this way. The next morning remove the twists. Drying is a very important part of any curly hair routine. It is imperative to ensure that your hair is 100% dry before removing the twists. Use your fingers to separate your hair. Adds a little gel to the edges of your hair to tame fly-a-ways. Fluff and style your hair to get more volume.

Remember! You must protect you hair at night. Gather up your hair into a ponytail and she sleeps on her pillow case. In the morning you can release your hair and very little styling is needed. This is an important step in her curly hair routine as it ensures that the curls do not lose their shape.

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