10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing – Hair Growth Tips!

reasons your hair not growing hair-growth tips

Hair growth tips. Ladies, why is your hair not growing as you expect? There could be a number of reasons your hair is not growing and here you can find a number of hair growth tips to remedy your problem.

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Hair Growth Tips

Here are ten reasons as to why your hair may not be growing.

1. Lack of moisture: This is a biggie. When your hair doesn’t get enough moisture it tends to dry out and eventually break. Before we had fancy chemicals, we had water. It is still the best moisturizer and it’s cheap. When choosing your hair moisturizer product, make sure that water is the first ingredient.

2. Trimming ends too often: While trimming the ends is very important for your hair’s overall health, trimming your ends the hair too often makes it impossible to see the length that you are actually maintaining.

3. Products that don’t agree with you hair: If you are having problem with your hair, examine the ingredients listed on your hair products for things like silicon, mineral oil or petroleum. Omit them from the regiment of your hair to see if the health of your hair changes for the better.

4. Shampooing too often: Yes. this is a biggie, but may seem counter-intuitive. Washing your hair too often can diminish hair growth. While it is very important to keep a clean scalp, shampooing too often could strip the hair of its natural oils. This causes hair to become brittle and fragile.

5. Wrong type of tools: Small tooth combs and hard bristled brushes are known to snag and break the hair. Try using wide tooth combs or even your fingers to style your hair.

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6. Pulling your hair too tight: This can cause your hair to break. The remedy is simple!Loosen those bands and pony tails ladies! This may be the only hair growth tips you need to see your hair’s true potential.

7. Not drinking enough water: Dehydration causes the cells responsible for hair growth to not reproduce. This can actually stop the natural growth cycle of your hair.

8. Bad diet: Poor nutrition can stunt hair growth. What you eat powers your affects your body and provides the vitamins, minerals and building blocks for growth. A poor diet can starve your hair and stunt growth.

9. Medicine: Some medications are known to stunt hair growth, while some may actually cause hair loss.

10. Heat: It can be your hair’s worst enemy when used excessively. This is one of the more important hair growth tips. Too much heat will cause your hair to become very brittle and  dry, leading to breakage. If you are addicted to heat, I suggest you take small baby steps to keep your heat usage down.

Make use of these hair growth tips so you can see the true potential of your hair!

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