Braided Hairstyles: Bold, Fierce Colors and their Meanings

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Braided Hairstyles – Fierce Colors. The beauty of braided hairstyles is its ease. Plain and simple. You can go for months without having to make significant styling changes. And for many, the protection braids offer keep us from switching over to other hairstyles. After a while, though, you may be looking for a way to spice up your braids or show a side of your personality. If that’s you, and you like braided hairstyles but want a change, maybe it’s the color that needs a refresh!

While traditional black hair is by far the most the common type of color braid, the bold can rock any color in the rainbow!

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Many people believe instinctual color choices say a lot about us and our emotional, physical, and spiritual states. It reflects the way we view the world and our position. Choosing a color for your braided hairstyles can be deep and meaningful, a reflection of our weaknesses, challenges, strengths, vulnerabilities, and needs. Or it can just be bold, fashionable and fun! Let’s take that last approach!

Braided Hairstyles: Bold, Fierce Colors and Meanings

So what do these colors mean or say about you?

  1. RED: Any braided hair that has a red shade shows that the person has a zest for life and wants to experience life and physical fulfillment through all of the five senses. You will draw attention. Red is a bold color for the bold!
  2. GREEN: The color of life and nature, green reflects a person who loves nature and strives for balance. When in balance life is good, but out of balance this person can sometimes become anxious and unsettled. Green is also the color of compassion and kindness.
  3. BLUE: A popular color for braided hairstyles, blue is the color associated with people who are trustworthy, conservative, and reliable. Other characteristics of people who prefer blue: they appear to be self-controlled, confident, social and friendly.
  4. PURPLE: Long associated with royalty, purple is a color of power. It is a color often favored by people with high energy and high charisma.  Other characteristics of people who prefer purple: compassion, understanding and confidence. Purple is also favored by supportive and sensitive free spirits.
  5. PINK: The color of love. Rocking a pink braided hairstyle reflects an approachable and playful personality. You draw others towards you with a softness and warmth from deep within.
  6. SILVER: Choosing silver may reflect a deep intelligence and maturity. Fashionable, glamorous and bold, silver braided hairstyles show a tendency towards the future.
  7. YELLOW/BLONDE: Most elementally, yellow is the color of the sun and is tied to energy and brightness. A reflection of creativity, intellect and happiness, it can signal a carefree spirit. (Some times too carefree!)

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There are of course many colors that can be used in braided hairstyles. We mention some of the most common. And of course, we all have elements of each trait within us. But we don’t have them in the same proportion. Some personality aspects are stronger and have a bigger impact on who we are.  Tell us what does your braid color say about you?

Colorful Braided Hairstyle Pictures

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