Stylish Black Braided Hairstyles to Rock this Summer w/ Video Tutorials

black braided hairstyles for black women

Summer black braided hairstyles! The summer we’ve been waiting for is here. where we are looking forward to that beach trip, fun in the sun, eating water melons until it feels like our bodies going to burst and  all the other great stuff that comes with summer time. However, we didn’t expect it to be this darn hot! Summer. Like it or not, it’s here and what are we going to do with our hair? Don’t stress (not yet), Shakida Williams to the rescue. I’ve researched and collected for you 7 great natural looking black braided hairstyles any black women can rock this brutal summer and still look stylish, trendy and gorgeous. These carefully chosen black braided hairstyles are very convenient, inexpensive styles that won’t break the bank, but have you looking oh fly.

Stylish Summer 2015 Black Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

#1. Faux Locs / Fake Dreadlocks

faux locks fake dreadlocks

Nowadays you can’t even tell if a person has real locs or not, its amazing the type of hair and techniques you can use to achieve the faux locs look. All you do is use Marley hair and wrap around the roots of your own hair and voila. Most black braided hairstyles can last for a few weeks or so. But as long as you take proper steps to maintain and take care of this type of hair it can last you up to 6 weeks!

Faux Dreadlocks Video Tutorial

Video by: MELifestyle

#2. Crochet Braids

crochet braids tutorials

Crochet braids have come back with a vengeance. You can’t tell anymore if a person has a sew in, actual braids or if its really crochet braids. I know I’ve even fooled a few people, where they thought it was my natural hair, or thought I really had actual braids. The great thing about crochet braids is all the different types of braided hair you can use. It can be straight hair, human hair, Marley hair, curly hair, the types of hair is endless, and all the great black braided hairstyles achieved from it. I love the time saved too, some hairstyles like braids can take 5 hours to 2 days! Crochet braids will cut that time in half, to like 2 or 3 hours, incredible!

Crochet Braids Video Tutorial

Video by: Nelly2fine

#3. Yarn Braids

yarn braids tutorials

Just like the name alone, “yarn” that is what is actually used! This black braided hairstyle can be detected by its intense colors used. It being yarn can give the hair a dull look, but the texture of the yarn actually can blend very well with our own hair, making it look very natural. I will say with this styling technique, just be mindful of the ends unraveling, that can give away the whole secret.

Yarn Braids Video Tutorial

Video by: njvibe05

#4. Senegalese Twists

senegalese twists tutorials

I will say this has become one of my favorite black braided hairstyles, a very subtle hair extension that is twisted instead of braided. I think this black hairstyle is definitely a softer look, definitely can rock so many styles with it. Almost reminds of twists and locs combined in one hairstyle!

Senegalese Twists Video Tutorial

Video by: LipsticknCurls

#5. Marley Twists

I’ll have to say out of all the black braided hairstyles I’ve spoken on, this is probably the most ultimate natural looking style. Something about using marley hair can really make a protective style look oh so natural. This type of hair, obviously the longer it stays the more natural it will start to look. But what I love the most is how you dont have to use that much product on it. You can normally just style and go!

#6. Box Braids

box braids tutorials

I’m sure all of us have had the box braids, whether childhood days or even up into adulthood. The convenience of them have been great for the summer, but I’ve noticed they have actually become a year round style to have.

Box Braids Video Tutorial

Video by: Zareisha

Ghana Braids

ghana braids tutorials

Cornrow braids have also been around for ages, but there has been a different design pattern created, and Ghana has surely made a statement with them. The design pattern is banana shaped, and the start of the cornrow starts off small and then becomes bigger towards the center of the head. Its definitely a fun style to rock for sure on an adventurous type outing.

Ghana Braids Video Tutorial

Video by: Breanna Rutter

I’m sure your already booking your hair appointments right now ladies! Because any of the black braided hairstyles you choose for this summer is sure to be hot and sexy! Just remember as long as you take care of the style it will take care of you!

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