Gorgeous Bohemian Braid for Black Women w/ Video Tutorial, Pictures

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Bohemian Braid for black women! The summer and 100+ degree hit is up on us ladies and it’s time to figure out what hairstyle you are going to rock when the weather is its most humid. Because with humid comes hair being super frizzy and curls sweated out. So there has to be a cute alternative style for the hair, and with the Bohemian braid you cant go wrong. A stylish and fashionable Bohemian braid like the one below is ideal for the summer heat. Why? Well, for one, it will keep your neck line and ears open for some cool breeze to enter your hair and scalp from below, top and all around. This is truly one of the most stylish and gorgeous Bohemian braid hairstyles EVER!

bohemian braids

Just one simple, thick plaited braid that goes around the whole head. In this particular video, the bohemian braid this woman created on her own head (DIY) really stands out to me. I think the highlights and color of the hair really make the bohemian braid stand out. And what’s even better is that you can have this Bohemian braid style for a week or two if you wanted to without getting your natural hair tangled. Just some occasional gel on the edges to keep them laid, and a satin scarf at night to keep the bohemian braid or hair from losing its moisture.

bohemian braided hairstyles

After rocking this simple and edgy Bohemian braid look for a week or so, when you take the bohemian braid out, you will have a very beautiful wave pattern to your own hair that you can rock for several days as well. There’s nothing better then getting two hairstyles out of one style, and with the bohemian braid its such a versatile look it can be worn at the job or a night out on the town. And even if your hair is not as long as the woman in this video, the style can still be achieved with hair extensions,. So never let a style detour you, especially such an elegant and simple style that it is.

Bohemian Braid Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Video Credit: LaTia Hassell

Hope you ladies have got a new hairstyle to rock next summer. Because the bohemian braid has become a very popular style that can be worn by any hair type. You will be so excited that you tried it, and all the compliments and stares you’ll get from others, who wouldn’t love that! The product used on the Bohemian braid video tutorial is a style cream from 7Salon.

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