5 Stylish & Edgy Natural Hair Braid Styles for Sistas in 2017 W/ How-to Video Tutorials

natural hair braid styles for black women tutorials and pictures

Stylish natural hair braid styles: There’s always that constant need to branch out and find a style that hasn’t been rocked or seen as much. Natural hair braid styles to me are it because they are stylish, trendy and always the most veered to style.  Add a little extra edge on some of these fabulous natural hair braid styles to exaggerate the size of the braids to make them stand out more or simple do the opposite and make them smaller to show more details and definitions. Either way, you cannot go wrong with trying some of the gorgeous and edgy natural hair braid styles we suggest below. These natural hair braid styles come with how-to do step-by-step video tutorials to help you on your journey to have a hairlicious 2015 summer.

Natural Hair Braid Styles w/ How-to Video Tutorials

#1. Upside Down French Braided Bun

Video Credit: NaturalNeiicey

So the chunky buns, small buns, medium buns, they are all cute, easy and quick natural hair braid styles to throw together when you want your hair out of your face.  I have to say though, sometimes you want to switch it up a bit and have a little bit more edge to your cute simple style.  Nothing more unique to try then the upside down french braid, what i love is the pattern it makes on the back of the hair, giving it a fun and edgy style that will have people asking you who did your hair.  Whats so great is how simple that bun and braid is to do on your own, so without the headache of trying to find a hairstylist its a must preferred style to create on your own.

Results (Pic):

upside down french braided bun hairstyles

#2. Jumbo Flat Twist

Video Credit: Longhairdontcare2011

This braided style is one of the natural hair braid styles I see black women are rocking more frequently and where a standard size or medium plait is normally created to achieve the look.  But giving the style just a little more pop to it, the girl decided to go even bigger with her plait, she went jumbo!  Instead of it being the traditional braid she did a small braid staring at the crown of her head and then became a twisted plait at the end.  When i tell you how intricate and defined this hairstyle looks, yet it was so simple to achieve, it gets me all excited over again.  I  look forward to trying something new with my natural hair.  I love to have options especially if i don’t want to wear extensions all the time or don’t have a lot of money to blow on a nice wig! This style is elegant and effortless all in one and is a must try in my book.

Results (Pic):

jumbo flat twists natural hair black women

#3. Chunky Two-Strand Flat Twist  (Protective Style)

Video Credit: Nik Scott

The chunky and jumbo is in this week ladies, amazing with just making a plait bigger it makes the whole hairstyle just pop and stand out more.  This girl was able to get 4 nice chunky plaits from her hair and have it intertwined and connected together on one side of her head.  The style can be braided or twisted, that’s what i like most about the style is it can be very universal with the designs you can create when doing this protective style.  It could be worn to a formal event or party, or it could be worn just to try something new and you want to have your hair out of your face for a few days.

Results (Pic):

chunky two strand flat twist side swept braids protective hairstyles

#4. Chunky Flat Twists Updo (Protective Style)

Video Credit: NaturalMetra

This style is very similar like the other, the only subtle difference is how the plaits go in a different direction.  Gives the whole look a different appeal.  So instead of just chunky braids coming from the sides of the scalp she has that braid plaited at the top as well and then connected to the side plaits she created.  I will say this method looks just a little more polished  I think it has a lot to do with the products you use on your hair.  Making sure that your hair is good and moisturized so that you will have that natural sheen and glow to your hair.

Results (Pic):

chunky flat twists updo natural hair

#5. Flat Twist Updo

Video Credit: BeautyCutright

These braided styles just keep getting better and better, so refreshing to have so many options when you want to give your natural hair a break. Also to still  look fly while having it plaited up all at the same time, incredible! What i love most about this style is how the front bump is everything, it give the whole style some extra pizazz.  Its elegant, its subtle and its simple to do, that’s what i love the most, simple and quick to do. So just think, when your trying to come up with a cute style to go out on a date, or out with the girls, your hair ended up not coming out as smooth as planned, think of this style and your rescued!  Even better, as long as you keep the style tied up at night, and a little light sheen spray, the style can last for at least a week or two.  So your hair struggles can be solved for several days!

Results (Pic):

flat twist updo natural hair tutorials

The stylish and edgy natural hair braid styles above are out there ladies and they are taking over, I love it!  For the longest time I feel like we’ve had to define ourselves or feel more beautiful by adding weave and apply relaxer to our hair to feel confident.  Now we got options and variety, we have the choice to be able to wear these styles at our jobs, and out on the town.  No greater feeling then rocking your natural hair in one of the beautiful braided styles and all eyes are on you, not the girl with the long weave down to her back.  Natural hair braid styles are in ladies and trending, embrace your hair and all the wonderful styles you’ll be able to create from it!