Make Natural Curls Pop - Key Image

How to Make Your Natural Curls Pop

This Tutorial Shows You How to Make Your Natural Curls Pop In A Few Easy Steps

Make Natural Curls Pop - Key Image

How to Make Natural Curls Pop:

My grandfather once remarked that every person in our family had “mailman hair” and that each strand of hair had its own route. As comical as this might be, there is certainly truth to the expression of mailman hair. Many natural ladies struggle with keeping their natural curls curly, often times going through great lengths to get uniformity in their strands. While the unpredictable nature of our hair is part of what makes it unique, there is an answer to the “How to make natural curls pop” question.

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Products to Make Those Curls Pop

For a simple wash and go a few products can take your curls a long way. The Rock Your Hair line provides a complete set of products to elevate your natural curls. To start, here are the products used in the video:

    • Moisture Madness Shampoo
    • Moisture Madness Conditioner
    • Leave In Conditioner
    • Girls with Curls Curl Creme
    • Dry Oil Mist

Curly Hairstyle Step-by-Step Tutorials

Video Credit Maryam Hampton

This will allow you to break up any particles or build up on your scalp while minimizing frizz and dryness on the lower parts of your hair. How to wash curly hair and get the best result really depends on how your hair feels, so use your best judgment to see if your hair is ready for a suds session.

How to get Curly Hair w/ Tutorials, Tips, Products to Use, Maintenance

The next step requires a bit of patience, but is well worth the results. Finger detangle your hair with the Rock Your Hair Moisture Madness Conditioner. While you may love your wide tooth comb or Denman brush, finger detangling allows your curls to take on their best natural form and also cuts down on breakage. To easily finger detangle without creating the dreaded snapping noise of combing your hair while wet, section off your hair, detangling from bottom to top.

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If you have the type of hair that leaves a wet mess on your shoulders and doesn’t seem to dry until the late afternoon, it may be helpful to wait until your hair is 90 percent dry and then apply the Rock Your Hair Leave In Conditioner. This will allow your hair to dry naturally without the weight of products that might aid in keeping it damp all day.

For extra hold, apply the Gurls with Curls Curl Crème and a little Dry Oil Mist to truly make your natural curls shine and pop. Lastly, if you like having big hair, you can use a pick to get the perfect amount of volume.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 4.26.30 PM

A wash and go can be your worst enemy or your best friend, but with a few simple products and a little love, your natural curls will be poppin’ in no time!