Co Washing Natural Hair – A Guide to Shampooless Cleansing w/ Washing Tips

co washing how to natural hair

Co Washing: The best way to maintain healthy natural hair is routine. Finding out what products and methods work for your hair and using those procedures religiously. One of the ways is to cut out as many chemicals as possible and treat your hair as best you can. For me that has meant a solid co washing routine.

Let’s break it down, what is co washing? Co washing to washing your hair and scalp without the use of a traditional shampoo. So what do you use? The “co” in “co washing” is for conditioner.  You use a rinse out conditioner to clean the hair and scalp. The reason this is an improvement over using regular shampoos is that most shampoos strip your hair of the natural oils that moisturize your hair. This can make your hair dry and susceptible to breaking.

Tutorial Video:

Thanks To: Naptural85

So let’s break it down:

Tools used:

  • Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle
  • Natural conditioning oil

Start the process before you even get in the shower

  • Divide your hair into medium sized sections and work in a dollop of rinse out conditioner. (Finger detangle as needed)
  • Start and the end and roots first and the work into the middle.
  • Repeat steps on and two.
  • Now You can work in natural oils if you choose

Style tip:  DIY Coconut Oil Hair Treatment – How to Use for Hair Growth

  • Clip or twist hair into a Bantu knot as yo move on to next section
  • Repeat this process until you have done your whole head of hair.
  • Now in the shower, rinse the conditioner your hair in sections

Style tip: After rinsing a section of your hair you can try coating your hair with cold Aloe Vera juice. (This seals the cuticle and adds luster)

  • Now use one more coat of the natural oils to reseal your hair.
  • Now just a  quick rinse to wash off the top layer of oil to avoid that oily feeling
  • Clip or twist the hair into a Bantu knot and move on to another section and repeat from the rest of your hair.

Treat your hair well when you drying it. Terry towels can be really tough on your hair. Now that your done co washing, style your hair as you normally do. You’ll find if you create a great routine for your hair and follow it, your hair will reward you. Be sure to share your co washing experience!