7 Quick Looks for Not So Boring Crochet Braid Styles You Will Love!

Crochet braid styles are all the rage now and they are a great protective hairstyle. They give you the opportunity to let your natural hair rest and still be able to rock that natural curly look. They are super easy to install – so much that you can install them yourself if you already know how to corn row. Unlike other protective hairstyles though, the crochet braid styles don’t have to boring. It can be very versatile when it comes to styling options and this is what we have for you right here. This video alone shows you 7 different ways you can change your crochet braid styles to ensuring your hairdo is never boring.

What You Will Need

  • Installed Crochet braids
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair elastic

Quick Looks for Crochet Braid Styles

Vid by: Sadora Paris

All these hairstyles are quick and easy and you can get them done under 5 minutes.

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Crochet Style #1


This is really just letting your crochet braids fall in the style that they were installed in and this style does not require any manipulation.

Crochet Style #2


For this hairstyle you will need bobby pins. Simply create a middle part then twist either side of your hair loosely along the sides of your head, securing with a many bobby pins as needed as you go along. Pin the twist down ensuring that the twist is loose enough so that the hair does not lose its curl pattern.

Crochet Style #3


For this hairstyle you will need bobby pins and an elastic. Simply create a side part and twist the sides pinning with bobby pins as you go. Secure the back of the hair into a ponytail with a hair elastic or other hair accessory of your choice.

Crochet Style #4


This hairstyle is just releasing the ponytail and hair pins in hairstyle # 3 up above and fluffing your hair. You can pin down the hair as necessary to keep the side part and to keep the hair out of your face as well.

Crochet Style #5


This hairstyle is like hairstyle # 2 but this time you twist the hair from a side part and keep the twist in place with bobby pins.

Crochet Style #6


This hairstyle is a simple low ponytail. Use a hair accessory of your choice to keep your ponytail in place ensuing that you do not make it too tight as you don’t want to stretch the curls out of shape.

Crochet Style #7


This hairstyle is suitable if you don’t like keeping too much hair in your face. You simply sweep half of your hair over to one side and use the bobby pins to secure the hair in place. Take away as much hair as you would like to keep out of your face.

There you have it – seven hairstyles you can use to ensure your crochet braid styles are never boring or monotonous.