Stretch Those Braids For One More Week With This Head Wrap

Stretch Those Braids For One More Week With This Head Wrap

You know the feeling. Your crochet braids have been in for two weeks too long. Your roots are growing out wild and strong, and your braids are hanging on pitifully. But you just can’t find 5 hours to take your braids down right now. We got you. Go find an extra-large scarf or square of thin, breathable fabric and wrap it up! This pineapple head wrap tutorial will give you at least another week to live your life before taking your braids down.

Our model is YouTube sensation Kiitana, who is wearing crochet braids done with Outre 3c Whirly Loop hair in color 425.

The Simple Head Wrap That Will Let You Stretch Your Braids For Another Week

Step 1: Wrap head from back to front with a large scarf

Use a large scarf or a soft, breathable square of fabric that’s thin enough to wrap several times. Fold into a triangle. Bending at the waist, gather hair at the crown of the head. Wrap the widest part of the scarf around the back of the head. Cross the ends of the scarf at the front of the head and wrap again toward the back.

Step 2: Wrap ends around back of head and tie to secure

Tie scarf ends around the back of the head. Tuck ends and corner of scarf to conceal loose ends. You may also choose to pull the scarf high on the back of the head for a more dramatic ‘pineapple’ style.

Step 3: Tuck ends and adjust as necessary

Make your final adjustments and you’re ready to go! Here, Kiitana’s roots are concealed and her crochet braids look refreshed. Wear this style for as long as you want (or need) to!

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