Tree Braids - Pictures, Tutorials, Hair to Use, Maintenance

Tree Braids Styles, Pictures, Tutorials, Best Hair To Use, Maintenance


Tree braids styles are quite popular among African-American women. Tree braids hairstyles can be done with or without extensions. Whether you want small, lengthy or tight braids, tree brads styles are easy to do, style and maintain. Although this tree braids style goes pretty well with thick and wavy hair, it can be easily made with other hair types as well.

Best Hair for Tree Braids

If you’re interested in tree braids you’re not the only one. A lot of African-American or black women enjoy wearing tree breads specially during the summer because of how this braiding style open up the scalp so hair can cool up the skull. It can be brutally hot in some places during the summer, so wearing tree braids can provide a relieve and help maintain the healthiness of your natural hair underneath the braids. So what is the best hair for tree braidshi-grade synthetic hair brands work best for tree braids. BONNE, FREETRESS, GLANCE and BATIK hair are more suitable synthetic hair to use for tree braids. However, if you prefer HUMAN HAIR for your tree braids, we recommend using OUTRE or MILKY WAY!

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How To Do Tree Braids

Tree braids styles are so easy to do a cave man can do it! We have a number of tree braids pictures below for you to see if or not it will suit your face structure and attire. You can even try different tree braids styles once you master the technique to make tree braids. The process for how to do tree braids styles follows:

1. Divide your hair into 1.2 inch smaller sections along with hairline and clip put into place.Begin from the hairline, and start making tight cornrow braid.

2. Now add small locks of hair extension to the braid.

3. Start braiding your real hair and move on to the extension until the extensions get securely attached to your natural hair. The majority of extension must be unbraided and flow freely.

4. Repeat the process with all the other sections, starting along the hairline.

Video Credit: BraidLoungeTV

Care and Maintenance of Tree Braids

The difficulty level of caring for tree braids styles varies depending on whether you use extensions or not. Natural hair is easy to clean and maintain. If you don’t want to spend money on professional services, you should be able to care for your tree braids at home only with a few right techniques. If your tree braids become loose or start falling out, start doing re-braiding immediately.

Cleaning Tree Braids

Cleaning the tree braids is quite simple, especially when done with human hair. You can shampoo and condition your braids as often as you want to keep them clean and prevents build ups. If you are cleaning hair extensions, you will need to wash them at least once or twice a week.

Pay attention to your braids, as well as scalp when cleaning your tree braided hair. Vigorous scrubbing can make your braids messy and undone. After washing your hair, simply apply waterless shampoo to clean the braids.

Styling Tree Braids

There are number of tree braids styles options that you can find in tree braids pictures available online. You can do any styling on the braids when created with human hair. Avoid using too much heat or blow drying when stylish as these can affect the quality of your braids.

When styling the braided hair, make sure you do not pull the tree braids accidentally or tease them too much during styling. This can make your braids loose or even fall out. Avoid using harmful chemical based hair products such as hairspray or hair gel on the actual braids to prevent build ups.

Now that you know a lot about how to style tree braids and measures to maintain them, you should be able to style your tree braids perfectly for every occasion. Check out some tree braids pictures below and find out the style that best suits your personality.

Tree Braids Styles Pictures


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