Crochet Braids Hairstyles with Human or Synthetic Hair – How To Do, Styles, Care [VIDEO]

crochet braids hairstyles

Crochet braids is becoming very popular. Women, especially black or African-American all over the world are now rocking crochet braids hairstyles. In this kind of hairstyle, a crochet needle weaves and a packaged hair turning it into good looking natural hair that has been either braided into corn rows or has been French braided. Crochet braids are liked by a majority of black women due to their low cost and how cheap and easy crochet braids are to change into different styles. Scalping crochet braids is very easy allowing most women to quickly create free hairstyles without feeling the pains in the the pocket and the scalp. Knowing how to use a crochet needle and doing different styles of crochet is the basic knowledge needed to make crochet braids.

Types of Hair to Use for Crochet Braids

A braiding hair that is synthetic and bulk is the best to use with crochet braids. This is because the hair is cut out in most cases when it has been brought out. This could mean if natural hair was used, it could be uneconomical as human hair is very expensive. The brands of synthetic hair preferred are the Kanekalon and a mix of the Toyokalon. These two are manufactured in a way that their texture resembles that of the human hair. But one thing to note is the tangling which is less compared to the human hair. Crochet braids with human hair can be very expensive and harder to maintain! An alternative is to use synthetic hair. The quality of these synthetic fibers can differ among different brands. A synthetic hair with curly style helps in the covering of the cornrows. There is another form of Kanekalon that is flame resistant and can be curled by ironing. Model bulk and Freetress are other synthetic hairs that can still be used.

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How Long Should I Keep Crochet Braids in?

Usually the length of time to keep the crochet braids depend a lot on how well they are maintained. Some people have kept them on for offer up two 6 weeks without feeling any form of itchy. But most people leave crochet in for a period of between 2 to 6 weeks maximum before taking them out. For those who like shampooing their hair frequently, then a month is a good period to keep them in. Crochet braids should not be kept for longer periods as this can cause hair matting.

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Items You Need to Do Crochet Braids


How to do Crochet Braids

how to do crochet braids

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Tips and Warnings

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How to Take Care of Crochet

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How to Style Crochet Braids

There are different ways in which the crochet braids can be styled depending on individual preference. Some may prefer the protective style in which the braids are sewn in to form weaves, braids or wigs. Other great crochet braids styles include braiding in circular or straight back patterns. Some women may prefer to curl there braids choosing either tight or loose patterns. Layering the braids also forms another great style but the choice of the styles depends on the tastes and preferences of a person.

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Video Credit: Wokie L. Benson

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Crochet Braids Pictures

The crochet braids form some of the hottest hairstyles for black women due to its many advantages. They are not harmful to the scalp and help the growth of the natural human hair. It is very easy to maintain and affordable but still bringing out the beauty of the black woman. So for those black women who are not sure about crochet styles, maybe it is time they made a trail and experience the beauty of these types of braids.

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