Marley Braids / Twists Hairstyles – Latest Trends in African Hair Braiding

marley braids hairstyles

Marley braids also knows as the 2 strand twists, is a very popular African braiding hair style mainly worn by African-American or black women who want to wear their own hair naturally. The Marley braids take between 5 and 10 hours to apply and can last between 4 weeks and 3 months. Marley braids is quite easy to work on a natural hair and helps keep you looking groomed & neat. Marley twists / braids are perfect for both the short and the long hair; it only requires about one inch of the hair to be worn’.

Type of Hair to Use for Marley Braids

If you plain on using hair extensions for Marley braids / twists and not doing it with your natural hair, the ‘Marley Hair‘ is what almost every one use to do Marley braids / twists. Make sure the extensions you get a labeled ‘Marley Hair.’ Any other type of hair extensions. I know some of you girls may have other preferences and may want to use other synthetic hair. If that’s you, make sure to consult with your or a hair stylist or specialist that specializes in African hair braiding.


How Long Should I Keep Marley Braids in?

How long should I keep Marley braids twists? Well, like any other hairstyle it depends on how good you maintain and take care of it. The rule of thumb is you’re not supposed to keep Marley braids / twists in for more than 3 months. When I had Marley braids, I notice my natural hair started to tangle with the Marley hair after 4 weeks. I took them out then!

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Things You Need

how many pack of hair for marley braids


How to Do Marley Braids Yourself

1. Start with cleaning the hair by soaking it in water then dry the hair.

2. Shampoo and then condition your hair. After this, dry your hair and comb it,

3. Part the hair horizontally ‘3/4 inch’ from nape of your own neck with the help of a rattail-comb. Make a 3/4″ vertical part from left-side of your hair-line. You may even do this on right-side depending on what you prefer. This will result in one square section of the entire hair separated from the rest.

4. As for other part of your hair, hold it using bobby pins, ponytail-holders or clips. After this, spray some water-mist on the square part of this hair and then apply a bit of pomade to that section. Massage pomade into your hair; concentrate on the ends of the hair; such ends tends to be generally the driest. Using the fine-toothed part of your comb, comb this pomade all through.

5. Partition the square part into 2 sections . Twist the 2 sections together; the left over the right. Continue twisting until you get to the end of the hair.

6. Repeat step 4 and continue the twisting across nape’ of your neck. Generally, there should be about 4-5 twists per row. After this, start another row; start from center working your way outward and continue towards the top of the head.

7. Next, select which way you wish to part the hair, once you reach your crown’. Continue parting & twisting the hair. After you have completed the entire head, spray with a good moisturizer for that soft sheen.

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How to Style Marley Braids

Marley braids can totally change your overall look. What actually adds to their popularity is the fact that they that they can be easily styled in various different ways to give an elegant, casual or even that official look. Here are some of the styles to choose from.

1. The basic and also easiest way to style these braids would be to take all of them and tie them together to create a ponytail. That sleek ponytail on t braids is quite fashion statement.

2. For a fun look, let these braids fall loose.

3. You can even create a bun with your braids. The style is popular among working women.

4. To add more ‘oomph’ to this hairstyle, use beads and some other accessories to style them .

5. You can even go one step further and try to experiment with them by creating a much more complex pattern. These braids can be simply woven to create one thick braid.

6. Elegant hairstyles can also be created for that special occasion. Use rollers to curl your braids and create that stylish style.

19 Ways to Style your Marley Braids/Twists

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