Poetic Justice Braids Styles (PJB), How To Do Tutorial, How-to Style, Pictures, Maintenance

poetic justice braids styles

Poetic Justice braids styles were Janet Jackson’s famous box braids that featured in the 1993 movie “Poetic Justice.” Poetic justice braids styles have made a huge comeback and several celebrities have been spotted looking their best in once a trendy style in the 1990s. Some of the celebrities who have lately rocked the poetic justice braids styles include Beyoncé Knowles, Willow Smith and Christina Milan and more than most Solange Knowles. All those celebrities wore their poetic justice braids styles differently and you can too!

Poetic justice hair braids are thick box, long braids. Poetic Justice braids are easy to manage, bear twisted tresses, are protective and enhance growth and healthy hair. The poetic justice braids styles are generally rocked by black women, for African-Americans who love modern yet vintage outstanding style. Let us learn how to do poetic justice braids styles.


Type of Hair to Use for Poetic Justice Braids Styles

Jumbo Braids or Jumbo Pack is suitable for poetic justice braids styles. It comes in all hair colors you may desire, allowing you to mix or match however you like. To get a beautiful poetic justice braid, you will require about 8 to 9 jumbo braiding hair packs. You can decide to go with medium, long or short braids, depending on your taste. Many people, however prefer the long; it’s more of the original Janet Jackson’s iconic thing.

One benefit of the jumbo braids is that it is common and can be found stocked literally ion any hair store. You can also buy the pack from online shops. 100% Kanekalon Fiber hair is also another good choice for doing poetic justice. They are very long and you may be required to cut them down depending on the length you require. How many packs of hair for poetic justice braids?  If you’re planning on buying regular ‘jumbo braids’ kanekalon hair, it’s recommended you get between 10-12 packs but with Xpressions kanekalon hair you will only need 5 or 6 packs!


How Long Should I Keep Poetic Justice Braids in?

Poetic justice braids styles can last a long time depends on how you take care of those jumbo braids and your natural hair under those braids. However, we recommend NOT keeping your poetic justice braids in for more than 90 days (3 months).

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How to do Poetic Justice Braids Styles

How to do poetic justice braids? To do Poetic Justice braids styles, first you need to prepare the hair. Soak the hair in hot water and vinegar for about forty minutes. This helps in getting rid of any chemicals that may have been applied to avoid any kind of irritation to your skin. Let it dry in some hanger.

Depending on the hair you choice for the style, cut it down to your desired length. Do not cut the loose end. If you make your cut and feel like the hair is blunt at the ends and short, you can stretch it. Stretch the hair by tightly holding one end of the hair using one hand and using the other hand to gently pull a few strands outwards from the batches to the desired length. Repeat this with the other end of the hair. Do not pull hard or too far since you risk pulling the hair completely from the bundle. The result should look like below

It is time to wash your hair using a shampoo, preferably IC Fantasia Tea Tree to clarify. Deep condition the hair using IC Fantasia Super Concentrated Re-constructor Treatment. Condition the hair with aloe to moisten. Finally, blow out the hair. This is how to do poetic justice braids.

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How to Style a Poetic Justice Braids

Like other hair styles, poetic justice braids can be styled in many ways. Janet Jackson specifically made a ponytail out of her braids, tied a turban that led to an icon look we still adore. Other ways to do poetic justice braids styles include tying it into a bun, making a box braid. Nigerians win when it comes to styling their poetic justice braids, doing a wide range of stuff from wrapping to braiding, an up-do, a fish tail side bang, braided maw hawk, twisted lady style and others.

One of the things to really love about the Poetic Justice braiding is that it gives the liberty of women to choose the kind of specifics they want to incorporate, which actually makes it a flexible type of fashionable braiding. To make it all easier, here are some of the best tips in wearing such braids.

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-Not So Thin
The braids must be at the very least 2-inches thick. They have to be braided looses in order to get the fullest of its looks. Also, super thin braids will take forever just to take out.

-Longer is Better
Having the braids at waist length is always ideal. It makes them much more functional than they actually are.

-Loose Ends
A couple inches at the bottom part of the braid should be kept loose. Never go wrong by burning the braids’ ends. Instead, have the ends dipped into hot water so as to ensure the whole thing stays locked.

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Poetic Justice Braids Styles Pictures

Most importantly, just have fun wearing those Poetic Justices on. That is, after all, the main point of hair styling and fashion. Poetic Justice braids styles was first introduced by Janet Jackson in the film, “poetic Jackson.” This braiding style has come back and people and celebrities have embraced it alike owing to its flexibility, natural and allow healthy growth of hair. It is simple to make, style yet looks beautiful and outstanding.

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