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headband braid hairstyles tutorials Headband braid for black women! I always wanted to know how to do braided headbands. I used to think this type of braided hairstyle was very different and only white people wear it. Was I wrong! headband braid hairstyles are simple and cute. They help keep the hair out of your face and very easy to do.  Great hairstyle for sports, and if you haven’t had time to wash your hair in a few days this style can help before washing it again.Its a very unique style that makes it seem as though you did so many steps to create and achieve it, but in actuality it is very simple. Below are two easy to follow methods to create a fabulous and unique headband braid that you can rock for any occasions.

Traditional Headband Braid Step-by-Step Tutorials

METHOD 1 of 1:

Step 1

Brush hair: In order to have the best and smooth braid you will need to make sure your hair is tangle free.  It is best to do this style when your hair hasn’t been washed for a few days because If it is wet when trying to braid the hair will be too slick for your headband braids look.  If you still feel like it’s easier to make the headband braids look while wet just keep in mind you might experience some wave in your hair on the edges which wont allow the braid and edges to look as smooth.

Step 2

Create a part:  Your braid will give an illusion of a headband, so you’ll need to have the braid cross from ear to ear.  Use a wide tooth comb to get the smooth, evened part look. Make sure the braid will be going horizontally across the crown of your head from behind one ear to the back of the other.  Try to refrain from any crooked lines or waves in the part , straighter the line is the more polished it will look.    Make the rest if your hair into a ponytail.

Step 3

Section your hair: Comb your hair horizontally across the crown of your head, start at the base of one ear.  Begin to section your hair into three even pieces at the start of your hair.
Step 4

Begin braiding:  In the process this will tell you just how to do headband braids the right way.  Youll be using the three pieces of hair to start a basic braid, take the section on the right and cross it over the middle piece of hair, then do the same with the left section, overlapping it by the middle piece.

Step 5

Incorporate more strands:  While your braiding, begin adding small pieces of hair gradually from the parted section in addition to the fit three sections of hair.  Pick up a piece of hair on the right side and add it to the right strand, overlap it over the center.  Then pick up a piece from the left and add it to the left strand, then cross it back over the center. As you continue to braid, work your way across the head above your hairline.  You’ll continue to add more strands of hair as you keep going.

Step 6

Finish your braid: As you start to get close to your ear, finish the braid by tying it off with a small black or clear elastic band.  The loose ends of the braid will will start to blend in with your hair that will be down.  You can also make a updo as well if you want to switch it up a little.

METHOD 2 of 2:

Inverted Headband Braid Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1 & 2

Detangling and combing the hair will be the same.

Step 3

Section your hair: An inverted braid is started  the same way as a traditional braid with three pieces.  You want to brush your hair in the same direction from one ear to another.  Then when you get to your ear you will brush the hair and make three even sections.

Step 4

Begin braiding your hair: Start by a traditional braid, but instead of making a normal braid or braided headband you will move the pieces under the center section instead of over.  Take the right piece and move it under the middle section, then take left section and move it under the middle section.

Step 5

Add more hair: As you move the braiding along, you’ll start adding more pieces of hair.  When you are moving to the right section, pick up smaller pieces and start adding to the right section before placing it under the middle section.  You’ll do the same technique for the left section and you’ll add additional hair and move it under the center section.

As you continue braiding you will work your way across the parted section, adding small pieces as you go.  You always want to insure that you are adding strands under the center section instead of over, that will give the braid the stick out look from your head.  The braid might be thicker on the side that you end with, verses the side you started with, because typically you’ll be gathering a little more hair.

Step 6:

Finish your braid:  When you get to your opposite ear with the braid, tie it up with a black or clear elastic band.  Finger brush the ends of the strands out so that you can intertwine the loose un braided section back into your other hair. Another cute option is to braid the hair into a regular braid all the way to the ends and then secure the braid with an elastic band.

Well ladies hope this has been some great incite on some really simple styles that will be sure to stand out.  Some fun little tips and more ideas for the headband braid styles,  you can tie the rest of the hair back in a ponytail,  side ponytail, messy bun, or even two pigtails.  Then for the finishing touches spray with a flexible light hairspray to prevent frizz, but not a super hard hold spray to prevent the crunchy feel.


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