Pros & Cons of The Big Chop Hair Style Vs Growing it Out!

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Braided Hairstyle: Big Chop Hair. You’re heard people talking about it. The Big Chop. If you’ve been chemically processing your hair and decided to go natural you face a potentially long awkward stage as you wait for your processes hair to be replaced by your natural, untreated hair. Growing out your hair could take months depending on how fast your hair grows. So people just don’t want to wait. Those people choose the Big Chip hair, but like anything else there are pros and cons.

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Big Chop Hair Style Vs Growing it Out

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The Pros to Big Chop Hair vs. Growing it Out

1. When you do a big chop you end up with hair with just one texture right away. If you choose to grow your hair out (transition) you may have a hard time working with and taking the proper care of the both textures especially if they are very different. This means you may need to use different methods on each texture and even different products and you have to take special care so that your hair doesn’t start tearing at the line of demarcation and falling out.

2. Big Chop hair is super easy to take care of and your hair care time will diminish drastically. In a lot of cases after a big chop you can be done with your hair in just a few minutes. If your chop is really low you could be in your hair for only a minute with simply application of some moisturizer or conditioner or even just spritzing with some water. Shampooing and conditioning will also be quick fetes.

3. When you big chop you don’t have to worry too much about what the weather is going to do to your hair. If it begins to rain you don’t have to run for cover like you would with your pressed or processed hair.

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The Cons of Big Chop Hair  

1. One of the things that may stop you from doing a big chop hair is how you may look after the chop. After all you are used to hair a certain way and going from long hair to much shorter hair is a big decision. Some women may be concerned about the way they will look: the shape of their face, the shape of their heads. If you are worried about how you will look and hate the thought of having short hair then a big chop may not be for you.

2. When you decide to do a big chop you will find that your options for styling your own hair are minimal. As a matter of fact for the first couple months you will be wearing just one style and can only change it up with accessories depending on how short your chop was. There is also the option of wig/wigs to change up your style from time to time but there won’t be much you can do with your own hair.

3. People always have an opinion and when it comes to your big chop they will have opinions for that as well and some people will be negative. Just remember that it is your hair and once you see yourself confident enough to make the decision to big chop then that should be good enough.

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It is important to weigh the pros and cons to big chop hair before you do it. Remember it will probably be a couple of months before you will see any significant growth in your hair. You may appreciate the short styling times if you have a busy schedule and you can save on salon visits as you can take care of your hair easily at home. But there is also the negative attention that you may draw from doing the big chop.

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Check out this big chop video to help get you in the frame of mind for your big chop or to see if you really want to go the route of having big chop hair.