Our Top 5 Curly Braids Hair Styles | Tips & Tutorials

5 Curly Braids Styles: Just when you thought you knew every type of curly braids hairstyle out there and seen them all, some new curly hairstyles have surfaced. We all are on a budget at times, we all want to find styles that can protect our hair, and most importantly look super fly.  Well I’ve got the scoop on the latest and top notch curly braids styles out there for you ladies.  I would watch every video I got for you, it’s a must see and a must try!

Curly Braids Styles Video Tutorials

#1. Curly Braids Updo for Natural Hair

Video Credit: TheChicNatural

I used to feel sometimes like it was difficult to always put my hair in an updo because it was so thick.  So I always did half updos or just would leave my hair down to save me the hassle.  But I realize how actually simple it can be.  In This Natural curls Meet Plaited braids style to help consolidate the hair down.  I love how it doesn’t take but about 10 minutes to create, and the chunky plaited braids on both side of the head give the hair the edge it needs to stand out.


After seeing what hairstyles are out there currently I’m loving curly braids hair styles.  Whats even better with this particular curly updo is that it doesn’t have to be too perfect or neat, and you don’t have to worry about putting too much product.  Just a little moisturizer and gel on the edges to keep the hair smooth on the sides.


#2. Crochet Braids Afro Style

Video Credit: Pure Estrogen

When I tell you all the different type of curly hair you can use to achieve a natural style look, I never would have thought soft dread hair!  Simply amazing!  With this too cute curly braids hairstyle, the woman used equal free tress urban soft dread hair.


The hair comes super long so cutting it in half would be highly recommended.  What I like most about this curly style is how the curl isn’t too big where it looks wavy, and the curls aren’t too small where it looks too kinky.  It is literally the perfect curl pattern to me, and using dread synthetic hair is a brilliant idea and turn out.  It is a thicker type of hair too so the volume this hair Gives Is Too perfect.


#3. Crochet Braids with Free Tress Water Wave

Video Credit: Inkm3up

Another fabulous Chrochet curly braids hairstyle using a brand by equal free tress, but using the water wave texture instead.  It is more of a denser type of hair, so when using this particular hair you wanna make sure your cornrows are smaller so you can have more layers of hair and thickness.  From my own personal experience with this hair, it is very easy to maintain, as the hair gets older, the better and more natural it will look.  This type of curly braids style has minimal shedding, but at times it might Matt up on some areas so I just cut those frizzies away over time.


Black castor oil is a great product to use on your hair at night, just on the edges to keep your hair moisturized.  The whole style is amazing and can be rocked for about a month and a half.  This style I must say has truly been a lifesaver, because i workout all the time, and sweat alot so the headache of me sweating out my curls doesn’t happen.   Overall this style is a must try and will have people wondering is it really your hair, thats how natural this hair looks!


#4. Marley Crochet Wig

Video Credit: My Natural Sistas

When I tell you the experience with marley hair is about as natural as it gets, this thick texture of hair is almost identical to any natural haired diva.  What this woman did with making the marley hair into a wig, is straight genius.  From my own personal experience with marley hair, it is very time consuming to curl the hair.  You have to roll the hair up individually and then dip the hair in boiling water, which is a process!


So pre-dipping the hair before, and then making it into a wig saves so much time.  I do love how natural the hair looks when curled, and even better the hair does not need too much product. It curls up right away with just boiling water.  Her hair is blended perfect with the wig too, she used pine tar on her hair so when she curled her own hair the product helped keep the definition and strong hold for curl definition.  This is a highly recommended curly braids hairstyle to try.


#5. Crochet  Braids with Wet’N Wavy Human Hair

Video Credit: Lexi Ace

This particular crochet style with wet n wavy human hair is a future style I plan to try.  I often wondered how much longer I could get a hairstyle to last if using human hair instead of synthetic hair.  The only thing I probably would do differently is have leave out in the front to have the hair blend better and look more natural.  Biggest challenge with crochet braids is you don’t want the cornows showing in the front, so having leave out is recommended,  especially when you plan to do an updo.


Overall human hair is always going to last longer and you can wash it and it come back to it normal wave pattern.  Obviously if your on a budget, going the synthetic route is perferred, but if your looking to have your curly braids style last longer, human hair is highly recommended.  Just remember you get what you pay for ladies!

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I am always truly amazed at how many curly braid hairstyles there are out there.  Just when I think I’ve done them all, there’s always something new brewing in the mix.  With these curly braids style ideas the best part to remember is they are inexpensive, you can do them yourself, and within minimal time.  Our lives are busy busy, yet we all gotta make time for taking care of our hair, and still look fly in the process.   Hopefully the gorgeous curly braid hairstyle ideas will have you set for the next few months, I know my list is set!