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Friend braid hairstyles 2014! For anyone who want to try a chic, cool and sophisticated up-do, French braid hairstyles can definitely be the best option. Even a simple French braid looks extremely sophisticated on most occasions but when used to create elaborate hairstyles, these braids exude a completely different charm. So, if you are looking for a perfect hairdo for every occasion, knowing how to do a French braid can definitely come in handy. Using this simple braid, you can style your hair in a million different ways to fit various occasions and events.

What is a French Braid?

Before you start worrying about how to do a French braid, knowing a bit about it is a good idea. French braid is an intricate braid style that uses more hair with every step. While the braid itself looks remarkable, it is often used in different hairstyles. These French braid hairstyles can be anything between casual styles and difficult up-dos. In these hair styles, these braids are used in unique ways so that they can be incorporated in style.


Types of French Braid Hairstyles

For anyone wondering how to do a French braid, knowing the type of braid they want is important. There are more than 15 different ways in which French braid hairstyles can be done, all giving a different look. A simple French braid is a three-strand braid that is started on the top of the head with three small hair sections. As you move down, you keep taking more strands from the sides into the braid until all the hair is braided.

One of the most popular French braid hairstyles is the Dutch or inverted braid where the hair sections are crossed under instead of over each other. The resulting braid stands up among the rest of the hair prominently. Fishtail French braid is also an extremely popular type of French braid, which is usually made from two sections of hair instead of three. In a side French braid or a bang braid, a simple of fishtail braid is done at the front of the head on one side using a small section of hair or bangs. There are several other types of French braid hairstyles that are quite popular including pigtail French braid hairstyles and French twist braid.


The Right Type of Hair to do French Braids

If you want to learn how to do a French braid hairstyle, you first need to understand your hair type. It is easiest to make a braid with straight and smooth hair. However, a proper French braid hairstyles requires long hair to get the perfect look with no loose strands coming out from the braid. If you have short hair, a side braid would be more suitable for you instead of a full braid. If your hair are cut in styles like steps or layers, a full braid might not be polished as the shorter strands will come loose. Again, going for a side braid in this case can be a better option.

Mastering French braid hairstyles is difficult if you have extremely curly hair though. However. This is one of the best hairstyles for black women who want their hair completely tied up. In curly hair, a French braid has to be done more firmly and tightly so that the hair strands can smooth out and become less curly. To make it easier to style curly hair, washing, conditioning and slightly straightening them with a dryer before you start braiding is advisable. This makes your hair more manageable and you can get them tucked into a braid more securely.


How to Do a French Braid

Now the big moment you’ve all been waiting for; learning how to do a French braid hairstyle. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do French braids hairstyles:

1.  First, take a section of hair from the top of your head and divide it into three equal parts. First cross the right part over the middle and then the left over the middle just like you’d do when making a simple braid.

2.  Hold the strands in left hand, keeping them separate using your fingers. With your other hand, gather another small portion of hair from the right side of your head and add it to the right part of hair you are braiding. Cross this right part over the middle next.

3.  Now hold your hair strands in your right hand and add a section of hair from the left of your head to the left part of braid hair. Cross the left over the middle.

4.  In the same way, keep taking sections of hair from both sides of head alternatively and adding them to the braid hair. Once you reach the bottom of head and there are no more hair available to be added, you can finish the French braid hairstyle with a simple braid.

How to do a Classic French Braid

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How to Style French Braids

Now that you know how to do a French braid, you can make a variety of French braid hairstyles conveniently. Other than using the French braid variations, a number of different styles can be done using French braids. A Dutch braid can be used to create a faux Mohawk-like hairstyle. Side braids can be ended with a chignon or bun at the nape of the neck. Waterfall braids are popular if you want your hair open and flowing, falling in graceful waves. Rope braids can be made randomly, with or without ribbons and you can them create messy chignon on the nape if you want. There are practically hundreds of ways you can style a French braid so you can experiment with it all you want.


How Long to Keep a French Braid Hairstyle In?

How long to keep a French braid hairstyle? You can rock a French braid hairstyle as long as you want as long you keep up with the maintenance. You should wash and rinse the braids often, smooth the hair using  gel, lotion, pomade or oil. I would recommend using oil like coconut oil or Castor oil. Cover the French braids with silk or satin scarf before going to bed. Sleeping with silk and satin pillowcase is highly recommended! It is is feasible, un-braid the bottom unattached parts of the French braided hair every morning and re-braid them tightly. Viola! your gorgeous French braids will last a lifetime!


French Braids Hairstyles Pictures For Black Women

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