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Cornrow braids – commonly referred to as cornrows, braids or simply rows, the cornrow braids are a traditional African hairstyle that is now considered unisex and is worn both by men and by women. Simply put, cornrows are braided very close to the scalp, creating the impression of a slightly raised row. Although cornrow braids hairstyles have widely become very popular all around the world, it is particularly popular amongst African-American or Black women and men, and numerous Hollywood celebrities have adopted the cornrow braids styles throughout the years, given the benefits of cornrows braids as hair protective styling.

There are different cornrow braids styles available – they can be formed in simple, clean and straight lines, or you ca opt for curviliniar designs or geometric designs, and it is not uncommon for the most elaborate designs to take up to two days of styling and braiding, before the final result is achieved. Generally speaking, hairstylists pay attention to the facial traits of each client when helping them decide on the most suitable one of the tens of cornrow braids styles. Go ahead and educate yourself on the history of cornrows provided by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).


There are also thousands of step-by-step tutorial videos and pictures of cornrows hairstyles that teach you how to braid your hair all by yourself, in order to achieve a smooth and flawless result. We have some cornrows pictures, videos and step-by-step videos and text on how to do cornrows braids that match your facial structure.

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Easy to maintain, versatile, time-effective and very stylish, the cornrow braids styles can be easily accessorized with colored beads or cowry shells, for a touch of color and glam. This cornrow braids hairstyles were particularly popular within the first half of the 20th century, when it was considered a sign of black pride, as it is considered a traditional African hairstyle.

How to do Cornrows With Extensions

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How to do Cornrow Braids With Natural Hair

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Simple and Easy Cornrow Braids Video Tutorial

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Braided Cornrows for Medium and Long Hair

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How To Style Cornrow Braids Updo?

When talking about how to style cornrow braids updo, it must be said that this hairstyle is far less damaging for the hair, as opposed to the micro braids, this is why it allows the user to experiment with a plethora of different styles.

Another useful tip on how to style cornrows updo is to opt for a discrete side detail (created in the side of a bun or an updo) are particularly trendy these days, especially amongst those who want to get an energetic and playful look. Buns and pulled back cornrows will never become old-fashioned either, especially during the hot summer days when pulling your cornrowed hair away from your face is paramount. There are many pictures of cornrows that show the entire process, in close detail.


During the cold summer months, a protective style is the most suitable, while the flat twisted updos are a great choice for those with rich, thick and very long hair. On the other hand, many people opt for flat twists or even frohawks that certainly make them stand out from the crowd.

Regardless of the pictures of cornrows and the cornrow braids styles that appeal to you, it is vital to make sure that the hair has been thoroughly clean, moisturized and nourished and then carefully combed before creating the desired look of cornrow braids. If you have thin hair, which tends to be more frequent amongst Caucasians, then dampen your hair and apply a protective spray. However, if your hair is very thick, then choose a grease-free moisturizer that will help you smooth down the edges prior to the styling process.

Pictures of Cornrows Braids Updo & Hairstyles

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