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Senegalese Twist Hairstyles – How To Do Them, Types of Hair, Styling, Pictures

Senegalese twist hairstyles are very popular hairstyles that originated from Senegal in the West of Africa and is commonly sported by African American or Black women. Senegalese twist also goes by other names like the rope twist. Senegalese twist hair is usually straighter than other synthetic hair and when Senegalese twists are attached one can easily note the point of attachment to the natural hair. Like many individual braids, Senegalese twist hairstyles can last for months but still stand out from other common styles.

Hair for Senegalese Twists

There are so many braiding options making it necessary for people who interested in that type of braids to know the type of  hair for Senegalese Twists. The synthetic Kanekalon hair makes a perfect choice for making Senegalese Twist hairstyles. Since twists are made, you need hair that does not tangle easily. The synthetic Kanekalon hair does not tangle easily making it a perfect fit. This type of hair also curls very easily making it such an excellent choice. Kanekalon is very versatile and can withstand the harshest climate. It is also inexpensive making it easy to obtain and usually maintaining it is easy. The wide variety of colors of the Kanekalon makes it such a great choice. But still there are other options like the Toyokalon that is preferred for silky hair. You can also use human hair for Senegalese twist hairstyles but synthetic Kanekalon is highly recommended!


How to do Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Wondering how to do Senegalese Twist? A small section of near the head at the lowest layer is usually separated. Small clips can be used to separate it from the fingers and then combing is done to clear any form of tangling. The parts of the hair are made depending on one’s desires. The small section is then split into two smaller sections that are equal in width. The two smaller sections should not join at any point, ensure they remain straight. After this, each smaller section is usually twisted to right until they form a coil. The sections should be twisted from the top at around 1 or 2 inches and the measurement should be maintained all through. If you desire to twist in the extension hair, this is the point to do so. The synthetic hair extension is laid at the center of the two sections before they are coiled and twisted. The extension hair is bent and the same procedure can be repeated for the real hair.

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The coiled strands are then rounded over each other. Usually the right hand section is overlapped over the left hand section. The combined strands are then coiled to the right so that the overlapped strands are backed up. These procedures are then repeated for the rest of the hair. Once the whole hair head is done, the ends are sealed with boiled water to prevent them from coming loose. The bottom ends of both twist are dunk in boiling water carefully and then left to dry naturally. Take a look at the video below with step-by-step tutorial on how to do Senegalese twist hairstyles. You can also look at YouTube for more videos if this one doesn’t satisfy your needs.


How to style Senegalese Twist

How to style Senegalese twist? Let’s see, there are many styles in that you can do to enhance the look of your Senegalese twist hairstyles. You may choose to make a ponytail by pulling the twists back and tying with scurf. One can also create curl the braid to form a box style. The protective style is also another great style where the braids are curved and left to hang from the head.

How Long Should You Keep Senegalese Twist In?

How long can you leave your Senegalese twist in? Well, like all other braids and hairstyles it depends on how good you take care of the hair. But, for the sake and the health of your natural hair underneath those twists (if you’re using extensions), we recommend not leaving your Senegalese twist for longer than 8 weeks (that’s 2 months). Anything longer than than may cause damages to your natural hair and new growth. If the new growth is 1.5″ or more, most definitely take those twists off!

Senegalese Twists Pictures

The Senegalese Twists is a great hairstyle for black women. It is a trendy and usually stands out in a crowd bringing the beauty of the woman out.

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