4 Senegalese Twist Styles How-to Video Tutorials, Styling, Maintenance: Look Sexy in 2017

senegalese twist styles how-to step-by-step video tutorials

I have tried many different methods and designs with braids and hair extensions over the years, but one is more intriguing than this new kind of extensions style that has busted on the scene, in hair salons and the head of fashionista all over the world. Senegalese twists!  It’s like taking the box braids look and intertwining it with the two-strand twist method that women do on their natural hair.  Senegalese twist is a beautiful polished style that really gives off a glow on the hair when it’s formed in the twisted pattern. Below are 4 gorgeous Senegalese twist styles chosen by our professional celebrity hair stylists! Each comes with DIY step-by-step how to video tutorial, different ways of styling your new Senegalese twists with maintenance and tips.

4 Gorgeous Senegalese Twist Styles in 2015

Senegalese Twist Style #1: Protective

Video Credit: Beyoutyguide

What I love about this updo for the Senegalese twist is that even though it’s just the hair pulled up in a ponytail, it’s more pulled up into a side ponytail.  So just draws more attention to the updo, makes it definitely stand out and have more of an edge. The hair the woman used, the xpressions brand, really gives the hair a sheen and smooth look to it.

Senegalese Twist Style #2: Natural Hair

Video Credit: Sadora Paris

This definitely brings a new approach to the Senegalese twist style, and only difference is just making them a little bigger.  It really just makes the whole twisted design stand out more. It reminds me of Janet Jackson’s chunky box braids in Poetic Justice!  But miss lady decided to add a new twist to her chunky style, love it! She did use two different types of hair to do a comparison  and right away I noticed the Marley hair she used gave the Senegalese twist a duller look.  Verses the Xpressions kanekalon hair gave it the ultimate glow.

Senegalese Twist Style #3: Relaxed Hair

Video Credit: Akushika GoneNatural

On this particular method of the Senegalese  twist, the girl has relaxed hair.  So I notice with relaxed hair you might now have a many twists on your head, since your hair is more refined and straighter.  So keep in mind with relaxed  hair you might not have as much fullness.  It being straighter hair I will admit it blends very nice with the kanekalon hair though. So it really looks like it grew straight out the roots.

Senegalese Twist Style #4: Jumbo


With this look, being just a straight down look, she parted the Senegalese  twist more on one side then the other so it gives the twists kind of like a swoop look to one side.  Them being a little chunkier as well makes the part stand out even more.  So I must admit, we sometimes get stuck into thinking we can only do so much with braids and twists, but subtle looks and designs can make it look like so much more.

How to Wash Senegalese Twists

Video Credit: LegatoGirlGlam

One thing about the Senegalese twist is washing them.  With this woman’s twists you can tell she’s had them in for at least a month or two, so it’s important to wash them especially with the twisted look.  It really makes your roots stand out even more if it has build-up.  After she washed them properly the style almost went back to looking brand new!

15 Ways to Style Senegalese Twist Braids

Video Credit: Akushika GoneNatural

That’s the main thing I like personally about braids; you can style them many different ways without compromising the original look. You can rock it with a bun (loose sloppy), right side, ponytail, pumpadour; just to name a few. The video above display 15 different ways you can rock your Senegalese hairstyle with how-to instructions. Oh, don’t forget to add a little accessories to a little flavor!

The Senegalese  twist styles and braid hair styles are taking over for sure. Its never been more exciting then to branch out and try different styles of hair extensions.  I love how you can still be extra fly with trying new styles like Senegalese twists. All while your letting your hair relax, grow and do its own thang.