10 Ultra-Modern Braided Mohawk Trends for 2017

We’ve collected 10 of the most creative, ultra-modern braided mohawk trends for 2017. All of the looks on our list are very wearable, and can help bring your braids style to the very cutting edge this season.


Trend #1: Shaved sides

This a nod to the original mohawk, which is why we love shaved sides with this look. But there are countless ways to make it yours, from loose ends to hair jewelry to color play.

Trend #2: The braided mohawk as evening style

Wear it up or down, but definitely do wear this for your formal evening look.

Trend #3: Pumped up with color

Mix your modern elements by pairing this style with a trending hair color. Go all out with long gray braids, or with bright colors. Keep it simple with colored highlights woven into your braided mohawk. Either look gives dimension and plays up the edge.

Trend #4: The braided faux-hawk

Braid the sides and keep the crown and back loose for a faux-hawk look that cuts down on braiding time. This is a great temporary look if you don’t want to leave the braids in for weeks.

Trend #5: Leave your ends out

Keep the look voluminous and shiny, or big and wild. Either way, leaving your ends out plays up the look of this edgy style.

Trend #6: Braided mohawks are for girls, too!

We love mohawks on little girls. We love them on big girls, too. Who are we kidding? Braided mohawks look good on just about everyone, but especially so on the little ones. This playful style shows off just what little girls are made of.

Trend #7: The braided mohawk wig

Don’t want to sit through an hours-long braiding session? Want to be able to make a quick change to you look? Try one of these braided styles on a wig.

Trend #8: Braids on braids mohawk

Braids on braids! This look uses the idea of corset braiding or creative twisting to keep the longest braids off of the face in an understated way. Because sometimes you need a sophisticated way to keep all that gorgeous hair under control!

Trend #9: The versatile mohawk/updo

This is a classic braided mohawk — or is it a sophisticated French twist updo? It’s both! This long braided mohawk is styled with versatility in mind. This is great for a trending look that’s flexible enough to work when you also need a more conservative look.

Trend #10: The jumbo braid mohawk

The jumbo braid mohawk is a quick style that doesn’t require the same commitment as box or micro braids, but can still give you a cool, trending look. Use a pre-braided length of hair of your own braiding hair to achieve this look.

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