Jumbo Cornrows Inspired by Ciara – Easy Hair How-to Tutorial

Jumbo Cornrows - Easy How Hair How-to

How to Do “Ciara Inspired” Jumbo Cornrows (DIY) – I remember as a child seeing all the stars in hollywood and wishing I could have that life. The glitz and glam, the high fashion clothes and the amazing hairstyles. Since most of us don’t have access to big time stylist, I’ am always on the lookout for styles us normal women can rock! And, Ciara and her fabulous jumbo cornrows are always a showstopper.

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Jumbo cornrows are all the rage and for good reason, too. As seen on the ever fashionable Ciara, cornrows are so versatile. That fact that you can dress them up or down make them suitable for all occasions and settings. If you want to have this look, all you have to do is head to your mirror. Yup. This look can be done at home. No need to find an Hollywood stylist. If you can do cornrows you, got this. If you can’t, you may need to find a girlfriend who can. If that’s not an option either, your local stylist can hook up Ciara cornrows for you at an reasonable price.

Jumbo Cornrows – Easy Hair How-to Tutorial Inspired by Ciara

Video By: Tobi Adesoye

Here’s what you need to get the look:

  • Jumbo braid hair extensions
  • Shampoo of choice
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Holding gel
  • Bobby pins
  • Heavy styling brush
  • No damage hair elastics
  • Fine tail comb
  • Duck bill hair clips
  • Boiling water

Start off by shampooing your hair as usual. Add your leave in conditioner and allow your hair to dry. You can dry your hair in your usual way. You should have your finished style in your mind. In fact, even having a picture handy is a good idea. You can go take a quick look on online for more ideas. Once you have your style in mind and your hair is dry, you can begin your jumbo cornrows.

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Step-By-Step Jumbo Braids Walk Through

Jumbo Cornrows _ Easy Hair How-To w/ Tutorial Get your tools and separate your hair extensions to the desired sizes. Use the fine tail comb to make your parts. Start your cornrows ensuring that all your extensions and styling products are within easy reach. Place some holding gel in your hair and start cornrowing in your desired direction. You will need to start off with a smaller piece of hair extension adding more as you move away from your face. This will give your jumbo cornrows a graduated and more natural look. Once you have completed all your braids, you’ll want to go through with a pair of scissors and snip any fly-aways. This is definitely true near the end of the hair.

Style Tip: Sealing the ends with boiling water will help them to look sleek and smooth and will keep them from unraveling.   Jumbo Cornrows _ Easy Hair How-To w/ Tutorial Finished

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Using gel will help to smooth your edges and the rest of the braids for a sleeker look. Now you are sporting your jumbo cornrows! The only thing left for you to do now is put on a nice outfit and get out there. Remember to pay attention to your edges. Having in super thick jumbo cornrows can cause breakage and we definitely don’t want that so take care of those edges by moisturizing them in the morning and sleeping with something on your head at night.