Side Cornrow Styles For Natural Hair and Weave Extensions – How-to Tutorials [VIDEOS]

Cornrow styles have been around for decades and have always added flare and pizzazz to the scalp. Intricate designs you can create with them, and did I mention how you can rock cornrow styles for a good month and do minimal work?   And if your like me, it is nice to rock a hairstyle that shows great length to it, without the stress of it frizzing up after like an hour or so.  If you’re answer is yes to the questions asked, the idea of side cornrow braid styles for natural hair comes to mind. Oh, you can also wear side cornrow braid styles with extensions with ease and no one will know it’s not your natural hair! Below are my chosen side cornrow styles for both natural hair and extensions. Go ahead and try both, you’ll love them!

Side Cornrow Styles For  Natural Hair (DIY Video Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Video Credit: EboniTrue7691

With this particular style you don’t need to have the cornrows throughout the whole head.   They are simply platted just on one side of the head and then the remaining hair is left out to style.  It almost reminds me of the hair swooped to one side look.  You know like in those movies where the woman is trying to look all super sexy, and they put her in slow motion where her hair is blowing to one side, yeah kind of like that!  Side cornrow styles are super attractive styles to look enticing, particularly if you have natural hair. Men will be tripping over themselves over your hair and women will pay homage (LOL).

side cornrow styles for natural hair

The cornows are mini-sized and then remaining hair is twisted into small strands together to the ends.  Then they are crimped throughout to give a wave effect.  Very fun and sexy style to rock for about a month.  So while your hair is in a protective style, you will still feel mighty sexy rocking it.

Side cornrow Styles with Hair Weave Extensions (DIY Video Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Video Credit: peakmill

With this side cornrow style you might love the whole overall look, but might not have the length you want for it.   So you may already know you can have side cornrow styles with weave extensions but had no idea how to do it yourself.  With adding the extension to your hair, you want to find the best quality hair for it.  Because really you want to get a good month out of the style. The cornows will start to get frizzy about the third week.  So with the cornrows looking nice at least for about a few weeks the hair needs to be able to hold up too.

Types of Hair to Use for Side Cornrow Styles

side cornrow styles with hair extensions

One of the top types of hair to use for side cornrow styles is the Brazilian body wave (22,18,16,and 12″). (GET 80% & FREE Shipping on Brazilian Hair). Why? because the hair will last longer with minimal to no shed.  Brazilian hair holds its own natural sheen to it, so you don’t have to worry about using too much hair products for this particular hair.  On its own with no curling at all, it has its own suttle wave pattern.  It definitely will hold curl though if you do decide to curl it.  You definitely want to wash the hair at least once a week to keep its softness and body to it.  Most hair normally will shed a lot, but with this particular hair it is able to sustain its fullness and the ends will stay fresh without frizzing and bunching up.

How Long Should You Keep Side Cornrows in?

cornrows hairstyles with brazian hair extensions

No longer than 4 weeks. However, 4 weeks is pushing it. I never wear my cornrow styles for more than 4 weeks! I also recommend you wash your hair once a week. No need to wrap your hair to bed!

Well my hair fanatics I hope I have once again gave you some more brilliant hairstyle ideas to add to your plethora of natural & extensions looking hairstyles. If your looking for a sexy style that wont be completely in your face all the time, side cornrow styles with natural hair or extensions are perfect for you!.  A good month you will be stress and worry free of your daily hair struggles.