My Top 5 Braided Updo Hairstyles for Black Women for All Occasions in 2017

Braided Updo Hairstyles! There are those times when I’m planning to go out to run errands with my friends, on a date, or I just want an all purpose hairstyle.   Most of the times I simple don’t want a hairstyle that will still get me all the attentions I want but don’t have to worry about too much maintenance.  During those periods, I’ve always seem to gravitate towards braided updo hairstyles because they can be fun, expose my high and sexy cheekbones and the number of designs you can create with braided updo hairstyles are endless. In other words, you can be very creative!  Below are my top 5 braided updo hairstyles with step-by-step video tutorials, tips, tricks and styles that will for sure be admired by all!

braided updo hairstyles for black-women-2015

Whether it’s just work, your wedding, prom, a special day; or maybe you’re a guest at an event, these braided updo hairstyles for black women are sure to get you noticed. It you’re looking for a hairstyle for your wedding, congratulation; you only get married once! Hopefully, you want your day to look glamorous and you want an up-do hairstyle that matches it!

5 Braided Updo Hairstyles for all Occasions in 2015


Video Credit: Kyss My Hair

One of my stylists created those 3 fabulous braided updo hairstyles using just her natural  hair cornrowed up with Marley hair on the top.  I loved the fact that she make it neat when cornrowing her hair but not too neat. This video shows you how easy you can really cornrow your own hair and it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good. The styles are concentrated more on crown of the head, not in the back.  The first style: Chunky side twists, I love this style because it reminds me of the classic black women in movies in the 50s and 60s, very elegant and flirtatious.

The second braided updo style:  Retro 1940’s pin up. Another classic looking braided updo, with and added scarf to spice up the look.  It almost gives a Lucille ball appeal, she was known for that pin up hairstyle, its stunning.  The third braided updo style: The figure 8 updo. What I love the most about this one is how it appears very difficult to achieve. But in really,  it’s just twisted into one chunk and then pinned back in a circle. It’s super easy to do yourself!  All of these braided updo hairstyles; created all by the same type of hair is a must try for me because I can rock different styles for weeks without having to undo.

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Video Credit: ChelsNewNew

I bet for sure you can see yourself at work and then head straight to the after hour party with this particular braided updo hairstyle. It has so many beautiful elements that separate  it from the rest of the braided updo hairstyles.  The one braided plait sitting on one side of the head, is left there intentionally and unexpected; creating a ‘WOW’ factor (I hope).  Both the back  and the top are very gorgeous and have this ‘je ne sais quoi’ appeal by simply adding some braiding hair to form a big braid, connecting it onto the natural hair literally just takes seconds to do.  Then just by spreading the hair out a little from the braid, it gives different intricate shapes on top to admire.  Very chic style that will have both men and women loving your hair.


Video Credit: Pantene

Very similar type updo that I can see myself rocking again and again; got red carpet look all over it.  The high ponytail braided updo is so easy to do a cave woman has already done it over and over (moi!).Don’t be fooled, this braided updo hairstyle is elegant and you’re getting the best of both world. What do I mean? Well, you will be able to sport this style for several days because it’s little to no maintenance; just make sure at night you use a satin scarf so that you keep your edges smooth; and this style is very sleek and silky.

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Video Credit: TheChicNatural

What sets this French braided bun hairstyle from the rest is the self made back design pattern.  Even though it looks very complicated, it’s very easy. Though you will have to be a little patient during the learning process and you may not get it like mine the first time around. But when you finally get it, you will appreciate this hairstyle.  I used 1 pack of braiding hair extension for added length but blended nicely with my natural hair. The circular shape is amazingly beautiful!


Video Credit: peakmill

This braided buns n’ swirls is really another fave style of mine.  It’s definitely on my top five for one of the most creative braided updo hairstyles I’ve ever done.  Again, it took me little to no time to do, but what I really love this braided style most is how I jazzed it up with adding two different layer of colors of hair.  And with pinning the braids in circles it almost looked like it was coming straight from my scalp but rally wasn’t.  One of my favorite braided hairstyles mainly because I never have to worry about undoing the braid or it getting matted up, I’ll just take the pins out, brilliant!

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How to Style Braided Updo / Bun Hairstyles – 20 Ways!

Video Credit: Eve S

Ladies, we already have so many things in our lives to stress us, our hair is often one of them! My goal here is to, the least, help relieve some of the burden, stress and worries associating with maintaining your hair daily. These gorgeous, easy to do on the fly braided updo hairstyles will help a whole lot!  Rocking an all-in-one hairstyle where you can shift from work to fun, cuts the getting ready part in half, who doesn’t want to save some time!?