Top 5 Cornrow Styles for Kids w/ How-to Video Tutorials – Accessorizes your Little Princess

Top 5 Cornrow Styles for Kids! Almost about every summer I rock a protective style against the heat and I almost find myself leaning towards a cornrow hairstyle every time.   Well what about the kiddies, they need protective styles against the heat too, so finding cornrow styles for kids is a must for the little princess.  With all the running around and events to take the babies to, cornrow styles for kids will always give you a little breather for a few weeks. So the stress on having to worry about doing baby girls hair is little to none.

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What I love about cornrows the best is they are real versatile and can be created by using many different patterns, shapes and sizes.  I always wondered how they got the name “cornrows” and get this, cornrows are elaborate patterns and rows that resemble rows of corn, and it describes the style perfectly, learn something new everyday about hair! Below are my top 5 cornrow styles for kids with video tutorials, tips and maintenance. Enjoy!!!

Top 5 Cornrow Styles for Kids w/ How-to Video Tutorials, Tips

#1: Cornrows and Twist

Video Credit: TiffanyNicholsDesign

To get the best look, having the hair freshly washed, conditioned and air dryed, and then lightly blow dried to stretch the hair will make the process tons easier.  Make sure you part the hair evenly because the parts will show throughout the whole head.  Applying some light pomade gel and moisturizer at the ends and edges of the hair so it’s laid will give the whole look a smooth finish.  If you want some volume and length adding a pack of marley hair will do just the trick.  When creating the first cornrow starting from the back is ideal for this look.

It starts off as a plaited braid, and as you continue braiding off the scalp then that is where you’ll transition from braiding to two strand twisting.  Marley hair is a very thick and coarse type of hair so it will hold the ends together pretty well without unraveling.  The whole look is finished with rolling the ends and then soaking in boiling water for 10 seconds to curl the ends up.  Very adorable style for baby girl for her first day back to school, or if she’s super active playing sports she’ll still look precious while running around in them.

cornrow twists for kids

#2: Cornrows for Natural Hair

Video Credit: TheBlessedmomof3

So this is one of the simple basic cornrow styles for kids for miss diva, but she will still have a little bit of edge to it, using her own natural hair for this one too.  Several cornrows going in a slanted, diagnol type pattern, and then one single medium sized thick braid overlaps all of the smaller cornrows underneath.  The rest of the hair is secured in the back in a cute little mini bun. Even though the style is so simple, the overlap look of the cornrows dress it up a bit, so if your trying to whip up a quick hairdo for the little lady to take pictures or just to have the hair out of her face, its the perfect style.

cornrow children natural hair

#3: Pineapple Cornrow with Side Bang / Fringe

Video Credit: worldofbraiding

With this style xpressions braiding hair is used.  So this cornrowed look will look nice and silky with a natural sheen.   This too cute style, has baby girls name written all over it.  Taking the high ponytail look with bangs, its all cornrowed into that style.  So the style can last for a least 3 weeks to a month, if taken care of properly.  Using Dr. Miracles braid relief spray is highly recommended  for spraying on the edges of the scalp.

Especially  in a updo with cornrows you don’t want to add too much tension to the hair, it defeats the whole purpose of a protective style and helping the hair grow if healing products aren’t used. Very fun versatile style, she can rock it in a high ponytail, lay all the hair all to one side, or wear the cornrows half up and half down.  Don’t be surprised if all the other little girls will want their hair like little diva and there’s mom’s will come knocking on your door!  Too adorable of a style to pass up, especially with it giving you a break from hair duty for a few weeks.

pineapple cornrow side band fringe

#4: Daughters Protective Style

Video Credit: Im Fro Real

So this summer fun look is very similar to the one sided cornrow twist style.  What sets it apart a little is the size of the twists at the crown of the head.  That’s what makes the cornrowed style so versatile, you can create so many different sizes and designs on any hairstyle you try and do.  Don’t forget you can always play with some fun subtle colors for the little one too.  Especially some light brown colors to brighten the whole hairstyle up, really make the whole design pop and stand out more.

daughter protective style braids for kids

#5: Swoop Up Cornrows and Twists

Video Credit: Monique downinmn

When trying to achieve this style, having stretched hair will really help braid a whole lot easier.  A very good product to use on the hair before braiding is darcys botantical curl styling cream, and for the edges using a little bit of joy my gel for that smooth, sleek look.  Whats great about after princess is ready to undo her cornrow style, she will have a beautiful head full of defined curls from the products being used on the hair.

The cornrows are plaited just on one side and the back has loose twisted tresses.  It certainly makes the time go by quicker if you don’t have to add hair, but depending on little ones length of hair youll be able to determine if youll need extra volume or length to it.

swoop up cornrows twists hairstyles for kids

My hard working mamas, its always great when we can have protective styles for ourselves and cornrow styles for kids hair, so that the hair worries are non existent.  Its even better if you dont have time to get the kids to the salon like you had hoped, my step by step tutorials should really help in that department.

Remember its all about practice, experimenting with different styles and see what miss thang responds to the best.   That’s one thing you will know, if she loves the cornrow hairstyle or not she will let you know. So try a few different styles on the little lady and see which one will become her favorite.  Nothing better than Trying different Cornrow styles for kids hair and having different looks lined up for the girls.

How to Style Kids Cornrows Different Ways / Children Natural Hair

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