How to Cornrow Hair (Natural) – Do Cornrows Yourself Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

How to cornrow hair (DIY) – I always rock a fun, easy, protective hairstyle during summer time.  Braids and cornrows are always the best choice for me.  I love the cornrows, especially because I can do bold colors without looking too crazy cause of the fact that cornrowed patterned braids always give a pretty flattering look and can elevate a woman’s look; I know it does for me! What used to just be a summer time style mutated from my ‘just summer fling’ to wearing the style often, especially when I want to give my hair a break.  With cornrow braids hairstyles I can be creative by wearing my hair in different creative styles, whether it’s a simple design pattern to more complicated highlights and curls at the end of each cornrow, I can certainty rock my hairdo in many different ways.

how to cornrow hair natural tutorial

So biggest thing I have found over the years wearing cornrows is, not everyone knows how to cornrow hair, and that in itself is why we sometimes avoid getting cornrows. Lucky you, I know how to do cornrows and extremely good at it. I know how to really hook it up without having to sit on a salon’s chair for hours, then walking out with an empty purse! Sometimes you just need to be able to get it done when you need it done.  So I’m going to help my busy mama’s out and show you a quick simple tutorial that will help you create your own cornrow braids in little to no time! How to do cornrows? Are you still asking yourself that question? If so, keep reading!

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How to Cornrow Hair (DYI) Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Video By: lizlizlive

– First thing part the hair, and section the part of the hair that’s been parted and section in 3 sections.

– As you section the hair use some light oil on the hair and comb through, then take the right piece and wrap underneath the center piece and then take the left piece and underlap underneath center piece.

– As you do this technique start grabbing small pieces of hair and adding it to the braid little by little as you braid all the way down to the end.

– You want to make sure you measure each sectioned piece of hair evenly so you have the same sized cornrows throughout the whole head.

– I find it best to start the cornrow method on one side and then work my way to the other side so that it comes out even.

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How to do Cornrows Braids Question / Answers – It’s for natural hair but If I were to used extension I would use the following:

Question: What type of hair extensions to use for cornrows?

Answer: 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair (I purchased here

Question: How many packs of hair to use for cornrows?

Answer: 4 pack of hair

Question: How long should I keep my cornrows in?

Answer: It’s all depend on how good you take care of your hair and cornrows (do you moisturize, clean, spray, redo etc.) However, I would recommend no more than 3 weeks so your natural hair doesn’t start to tangle with the extensions

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With these easy simple steps ladies you will know how to cornrow hair in no time, just remember practice, practice and you’ll get better every time.  I think by knowing how to cornrow hair you will develop so many other styles on your own head you never thought you could do.   I hope you will feel confident in knowing how to cornrow hair properly and are successful with it, we all need a few helpful tips to help us along our hair journey! I started doing my own cornrow braids and designs at a young age (6), so I pretty much know what I’m doing! Follow the simple corn rows how-to tutorial and you will be amazed at the results.