6 Gorgeous Box Braids Styles You’ll Fall In Love with In 2017

bow updo two strand-twist braids natural hair styles

Box braids styles – during summertime, black women are always looking to find some good protective hairstyles to protect their natural hair against the brutal heat. Some women normally lean toward braids but one thing I often find is that it’s more fashionable and attract more attentions if  a unique edge is added to the braids with different styles. Finding new styles can be a challenge but I have written this article to help you narrow down your options; box braids styles are the way to go.

Not only they will open your scalp to allow the natural breeze in, they are fashionable, acceptable and can be worn for work, special events like weddings, proms or simply a stroll downtown. Oh, not to mention box braids styles are sexy and will turning heads. But, your box braids have to be done the right way. Below are 6 gorgeous box braids styles carefully chosen by our professional celebrity stylists for you to rock this summer.

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6 Gorgeous Box Braids Styles in 2015

#1. High Bun Box Braids Style

Video Credit: Nica D

What I love most about this style is how complicated it looks, yet very simple and quick to do. The best part is that you can rock it for several weeks without worrying about it getting tangle up. Also, you will save a lot of money doing this box braid style yourself and have bragging right because when women approach you and ask ‘who did your braids’ you can proudly say ‘MOI.’

box braids bun style

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#2. Pocahontas Box Braids Style

Video Credit: Amara Graces

This particular one is one of my favorite Pocahontas box braids styles. It has really become a new favorite of mine because of how simple it is to do as well and adding fun accessories that will set your whole outfit off along with the hairstyle. This style will literally only take you about 5 minutes to do and who wouldn’t love that. You can be versatile even with the pigtails if you want braids or just leave them down and just with the difference of those two styles you can rock this at least for a few days.

pocahontas box braids styles

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#3. Bow Updo Two-strand Twist Braids Style – Protective on Natural Hair

Video Credit: Alicia James

What is so amazing about this simple little bow updo two-strand twist bun is how intricate and dimensional it looks, but only takes 2 seconds to cheese. I like the fact that it can be worn to an elegant event or just out and about in the town. The braid hairstyle is very versatile type of hairstyle and takes just the regular bun to a whole new level.

bow updo two strand-twist braids natural hair styles

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#4. Pompandour on Box Braids Style – Inspired by Janelle Monae!

Video Credit: Klazzact

Another great elegant hairstyle with box braids that is very popular and gorgeous is the Janelle Monae inspired pompandour. You can rock this hairstyle with box braids, but can also be worn with your natural hair. This look whether with box braids or natural hair is very professional and classy. I often rock this style to elegant events during the spring and summer!

janelle monae pompadour box braids hairstyle

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#5. Twisted Bun Braids Style

Video Credit: Lola williams

This is absolutely one of my favority box braids style look. The  texture and the simple little buddy with added depth and detail to the braids.

twisted bun box braids styles

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#6. Fauxhawk on Box Braids Style

Video Credit: whoissugar

You fashionistas know how I feel about my braided Mohawk styles. They are fun and sexy. The punk rock look make me stand out of the crown. When I rock my braided Mohawk, I feel sexy, bold and like I’m in an island of my own! Ladies, try this and you will see what I’m talking about!

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