5 Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls w/ Step-by-Step Video Tutorials & Products

braided hairstyles for black girls video turorials and pictures

Braided hairstyles for black girls! Such a fast pace world we live in, and when looking for convenience with our hair, braids has always been a common option. Me personally I love braids, but I used to feel so limited with styles. I felt like there was only so much I could do with them and let’s not forget the constant battle between what is professional in the work environment. I now am excited to see braids make a transition and the creativity with the styles. There are a lot of braided hairstyles out there for different cultures, but these styles I’ve chosen are braided hairstyles for black girls. Yes I said it, we’ve got our own style of braids now where no one can rock it quite like us. So sit back, take some notes and check out some unique braided hairstyles for black girls.

Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls Video Tutorials / Products

#1: Box Braids in Fishtail Style


When stumbling across this particular braid style I was fascinated by the detail this girl was able to create with her braid. I’ve seen the fishtail braid on regular hair or weave, but not as braids. I love this braided hairstyle so much I had to show you guys the amazing tutorial on how to do this fish tail braid. One thing about the fishtail style on natural hair is that it looks so much more complicated than it’s actually is, but when doing it on braids it is so much more simplified and easy to do. Very fun, spring type hairstyle to do when you want your braids out of your face and neck.

box braids fishtail style

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#2: Box Braids in Egyptian Criss Cross Bun

Video by: Shaneil

I saw the Egyptian cris cross bun braided style for the first time a couple of months ago and immediately knew I had to try it! Taking the high bun to a whole other level, I love, I love. Still in amazement on how detailed the whole style looks, especially with the detailed mini braid that outlines the back of the style, along with the criss cross effect she made in the front. The thing I love the most is it is so quick and easy to do, but comes out so chic and elegant too. You will be ready for that upscale event in no time!

box braids in egyptian criss cross bun style

#3: Cute and Edgy Box Braided Updo

Video Credit: Tina O

We all remember back in the day, that hump style in the front and ponytail in the back? Yes honey, bringing in back with a vengeance, this time with a little more edge, better technique and with braids. I know your loving my braided hairstyles for black girls even better after you see her tutorial. I like the fact that she invented a different technique to use for the hump, instead of having to stuff the hair underneath with a sponge or anything, because who wants to risk it showing underneath! Her criss cross method in the back I would have never thought of, but she did her thing on this style. So many versitile styles you can create just from one look, I love it. Its fun and edgy and a for sure show stopper in my book.

edgy box braid updo

#4: Glam Curls

Video by: Ambrosia Malbrough

Real basic and quick, taking just straight, medium sized braids, you want to feel a little more sexy with your braids when you step out. What better way to step out then add little sultry curls at the ends of the braids. So you can create sexy within 10 minutes or less, with some chunky twist rods, and some boiling water. Dip the curled braid in the water for about 10-15 seconds, and viola, you are camera ready girl.

glam curls curly box braids styles

#5: The Water Fall Box Braids

Video by: Tribesbez

I have seen this style on a lot of Caucasian women and I’m glad to now see it become part of my selection of braided hairstyles for black girls. Yes we took it, and added our own uniqueness to it. I will have to say it was definitely a style I admired to see when I saw caucasion women rocking it, but looked real complicating to do. So this girl right here, created it with the braids, super easy and super cute. I will note though that having micro braids, or small box braids is more ideal, so the braids lay flatter and you can see more depth and detail in the design.

waterfall box braids styles

Beyond excited to have found these braided hairstyles for black girls, its about time we step it up. Make a statement with our braids, that they are no longer seen as too cultural. That any regular weave style, or natural style can be created with braids as well. They can look just as elegant and classy as regular hairstyles. Braided hairstyles for black girls have come a long way. I hope that it has inspired many of you that have been on the fence about braids, that you can be just as versatile or even more versatile with braids. These braided hairstyles for black girls are going to change the game, in fact they already have, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and try something new!